Learn About Generation's Impact on Employers

Nov 21, 2016 10:00 AM ET
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Employer Impact

We work with 400+ employer partners globally to provide them high-quality talent for entry-level positions.

  • 98% of our employers would hire Generation graduates again

  • 87% across all programs (50% industry average)

  • 88% of our employers say that Generation graduates perform better than average


Delivery Impact

Our model depends on strong local and national partnerships to deliver and support the Generation program allowing us to scale quickly.

  • Our operating cost per student is 20-50% that of peer programs in each geography

  • Our pace of launching cohorts is now 18 times faster than our 2015 start

  • It takes 6-8 wks to launch a new city

  • We have 400+ employer partners

  • We have 60+ implementation partners

To learn more about McKinsey Social Initiative (MSI)'s Generation program, visit the website and follow Generation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.