PayPal Celebrates Black History Month

Feb 5, 2020 10:15 AM ET
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In addition to their day jobs where Stephen Caesar serves as our Global Head of Compliance Audit, and Lisa Poletti is a Director of Program Management, they are also the Global Co-Chairs of Amplify, PayPal’s D&I community for black employees. Since Amplify was founded two and a half years ago, it has grown to over 700 members across our global sites and formed partnerships with organizations inside and outside of Paypal. Group members have done amazing work with the outside community, from working with local organizations to teach students how to become more financially informed, to bringing more diverse merchants into our fold to educate them about PayPal’s small business offerings. It’s remarkable what this group is doing, and I enjoyed hearing about how Amplify champions inclusivity year-round for PayPal employees. Lisa and Stephen, thank you for taking the time.