Poo, Worms and the Fight Against Climate Change

Jul 20, 2020 1:00 PM ET
Multimedia with summary

We contribute to climate change every day by emitting carbon dioxide. But some of us have chosen to farm it. New technologies and agricultural practices are helping farmers devise new solutions for climate change.

In the first episode of The Tomorrow Farm, we look at some of humanity’s most historically innovative industries, and where they could be going. Like transportation—from the horse and buggy to cars that run on water. And agriculture—from near starvation to shorter crops that feed billions of people.

Across the globe, industries are constantly evolving. Chasing better answers to even our best solutions. But many might not expect that agriculture is often ahead of the curve.

Featured in this episode are:

  • Andy Knepp, Vice President, Environmental Strategy & Industry Activation - Bayer
  • Christine Brunel-Ligneau, Head of Sustainable Agriculture - Bayer
  • Trey Hill, Lead Farmer at Harborview Farms 
  • Dr. Daniel Sperling, Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy at USC Santa Barbara​
  • Dr. Gianluca Ambrosetti, Chief Executive Officer at Synhelion  

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