Pro Bono Perspectives Episode 35: Sarah Beaulieu, The Uncomfortable Conversation

Continuing the Conversation
Oct 29, 2019 8:00 AM ET
Multimedia with summary

Pro Bono Perspectives is closing out Domestic Violence Awareness Month by putting the spotlight on host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly's past conversation with Sarah Beaulieu, Founder of The Uncomfortable Conversation. The nonprofit produces short-form videos that normalize conversations about consent and healthy relationships in an effort to engage men in conversations about sexual harassment and violence. Sarah shares her experience as a survivor of sexual abuse and the process of sharing her story publicly, as well as commentary on the #MeToo movement and the Brett Kavanaugh hearing.

Sarah is also the Founder of The Enliven Project, Senior Advisor to the GreenLight Fund and - as of this year - the Founder & CEO of ConverQ, which offers gender-inclusive, skills-based training on sexual harassment prevention and response.

Learn more about Sarah and her work at and Watch her TEDTalk "An Uncomfortable Conversation Worth Having."