Pro Bono Week 2021: Doubling Our Impact

Join Taproot Foundation's goal of forging 100+ pro bono connections
Oct 14, 2021 11:00 AM ET
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Pro Bono Week is almost here! It's a special time of celebration when the impact of pro bono service is recognized globally. The week allows Taproot Foundation the opportunity to recognize the commitment of the volunteers sharing their skills, as well as the social change organizations harnessing that talent to move their missions forward. It also marks a time when Taproot challenges ourselves to find new and innovative ways  to get nonprofits the support they need, for free. 

This year, we’ve set an ambitious goal for Pro Bono Week.  With your help—Taproot is striving to double our community's average weekly impact by forging 100+ pro bono connections during the week of October 24-30.

How will we do it? With your support! Our innovative virtual volunteerism platform, Taproot Plus, connects social change organizations to a global network of volunteers who are ready to step up and support them. There are hundreds of opportunities to work alongside nonprofits, small businesses, and public schools currently live on the site.

Learn how to get involved in Pro Bono Week personally, or through your company or foundation, using Taproot Plus as your tool for impact.

About the Taproot Foundation
Taproot Foundation, a U.S. based nonprofit, connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono. Taproot is creating a world where organizations dedicated to social change have full access—through pro bono service—to the marketing, strategy, HR, and IT resources they need to be most effective. Since 2001, Taproot’s skilled volunteers have served over 8,400 social change organizations providing more than 1.8 million hours of service worth over $260 million in value. Taproot has offices in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and co-founded a network of global pro bono providers in over 30 countries around the world. @taprootfound