Siemens’ SiMobility Connect Tool Provides Commuters Convenient, Eco-Friendly and Multi-Modal Traveling

Feb 10, 2016 11:15 AM ET
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For many years, there has been no lack of alternative means of transport with which to travel through the city faster than by car, while at the same time doing your bit to relieve traffic congestion and protect the environment. But something vital was still lacking for the next chapter in the success story of intermodality to be opened: a convenient way to plan and book those trips from the first to the last mile with just one click. Now this key piece of the puzzle is provided by SiMobility Connect, a virtual platform with which Siemens is integrating all transport modes across the entire travel chain. The new service is bringing real added value, not just to road users but also to mobility providers and the cities themselves.

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