Take Your GivingTuesday Plans to the Next Level Using Pro Bono Support

Taproot’s GivingTuesday pro bono toolkit now available
Aug 13, 2019 12:20 PM ET
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Planning and executing a successful GivingTuesday campaign can be daunting. Your nonprofit needs inviting graphics, inspiring messaging, an engaging email strategy, and stand-out social media. Don’t panic: all this is achievable even without a budget or in-house expertise. Just turn to pro bono support.

Taproot Foundation is excited to share our newly released GivingTuesday pro bono toolkit, designed to help your organization accomplish more through your fundraising efforts. Begin tapping into support from expert social media, SEO, graphic design, project management volunteers using these resources: 

Ready to connect with skilled volunteers to build and execute your nonprofit’s holiday giving campaign? Request expert pro bono assistance now on Taproot Plus.