WEBINAR: How to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Without a Budget

May 9, 2017 1:05 PM ET
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Tuesday, May 23 at 10 AM PT / 12 PM CT / 1 PM ET


Planning and executing a successful crowdfunding campaign can be daunting. You need a compelling promo video, inviting graphics, simple yet informative communications, an engaging email strategy, and stand-out social media. Don’t panic: all this is achievable even without a budget or in-house expertise. This webinar will teach you how to harness the expertise of marketing, graphic design, videography, and communications professionals who want to volunteer to help your cause.

You’ll learn:

  • Which parts of a crowdfunding campaign can be done by skilled volunteers
  • Four screening tests to identify and create clear project asks for those parts
  • The simplest way to find the right skilled volunteer for the job 

In short, you’ll have access to the pro bono expertise you need to build a successful crowdfunding campaign from start to finish.


This free webinar is hosted by Bre DiGiammarino from Indiegogo and Kristin Teti from Taproot Foundation.