WEBINAR // Taproot+: The Simple, Free Way to Get Skilled Volunteers

Learn how to find and manage marketing, IT, HR, and finance experts for pro bono projects
Jul 12, 2017 12:30 PM ET
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Thousands of nonprofits are using Taproot+ to find and manage skilled volunteers who help their organization with projects like: developing key messages, optimizing Salesforce, designing marketing collateral, updating HR policies, and much more. Anne Holcomb, the Supportive Services Supervisor at Unity Parenting and Counseling, came to Taproot+ with the goal of revamping her nonprofit’s digital content strategy to assist in their program fundraising efforts. She was matched with a skilled volunteer who created a social media campaign that helped Unity raise over $20,000 from new donors in just two months! Anne says that, “Unity Parenting and Counseling is a stronger, more viable organization today,” due to the pro bono work she received.

This webinar will teach you everything you need to get started on Taproot+, so bring your questions and project ideas and register today!


Thursday, July 20 at 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET

Access to the webinar and Taproot+ are free, now and always.