General Motors Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - December 2016

Dec 5, 2016 4:50 PM ET


GM Makes its Largest Green Energy Purchase to Date
General Motors has made its largest renewable energy procurement to date, purchasing enough wind power to equal the electricity needs of 16 of its U.S. facilities, including business offices in Fort Worth and Austin, Texas, a major assembly and stamping complex in Arlington, Texas, and 13 parts warehouses east of the Mississippi River.
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General Motors, Herman Miller and Green Standards Partner for Landfill-Free Solution to Office Transformation
Enabling more collaboration among employees, GM has set out to redesign their work environment. GM has partnered with Herman Miller and Green Standards to repurpose tens of thousands of pieces of office furniture and equipment that were displaced by the transformation into $1 million of in-kind donations over the next two years.
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The Future of Sustainable Design
The next step in sustainable production is the circular economy, says founder and editor Starre Vartan. That means leaving behind today’s make, use, dispose model to create products transparently and with less impact. Such products will be built to last, but can be transformed, recovered or even used to improve the environment at the end of their life.
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Mississippi River Tires to Become GM Car Parts
November 15 was America Recycles Day – an opportunity to celebrate recycling in the United States. GM’s latest recycling initiative involves a collaboration with Living Lands and Waters. The company is working with this NGO and supplier, GDC, Inc., to turn a couple of truckloads of tires found on the shores and at the bottom of the Mississippi River into high-quality vehicle parts. 
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Tiny Houses and Other Little Matters Prove Less is More for the Environment
Little things mean a lot for the Earth. To that end, some people are opting for smaller living spaces and fewer belongings. Thanks to the advent of the sharing economy, you can use anything from sports equipment to tools and automobiles without purchasing them. And tiny houses, along with reduced or conscientious purchases, can decrease your contribution to global warming.
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GM Builds Vehicles and Biodiversity at Its Facilities 
General Motors is supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal to halt biodiversity loss by developing wildlife habitats at its sites around the world. From helping protect honeybees with pollinator gardens or designating no-mow zones to grow grassland habitats, GM is demonstrating the role business can play in advancing sustainable ecosystems.
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Commitment to Wildlife is in GM Employees’ Nature
GM is committed to using its lands to increase and promote native biodiversity. But it’s the company’s people who bring that commitment to life. In fact, GM employees have spent 2,148 work days dedicated to conservation and education work, as recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council.
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Chevrolet Bolt EV is Motor Trend Car of the Year
MOTOR TREND has recognized the Chevrolet Bolt EV — the all-new affordable electric vehicle offering an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range on a full charge — as its 2017 Car of the Year®. The editors based their selection on the Bolt EV’s performance in six evaluation categories: advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency, safety, value and performance of intended function.
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2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid on Sale in Spring 2017, Offering an Estimated 400-Plus Miles of Total Range
Cadillac announced the first-ever 2017 CT6 Plug-In Hybrid prestige sedan will go on sale in the spring of 2017, with a total driving range of more than 400 miles. Advanced plug-in hybrid technology enables the luxury sedan to reward drivers with environmentally conscious driving without compromising on performance. 
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Chevrolet and GMC Expand Alternative Fuel Fleet Offerings
Chevrolet and GMC announced that they are partnering with Power Solutions International, Inc. to introduce heavy-duty pickups and full-size vans powered by 6.0-liter V-8 compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas-capable engines starting in the first quarter of 2017. Chevrolet also will offer CNG and LPG versions of its new Low Cab Forward commercial truck.
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Maven and Uber to Pilot Flexible Car-Sharing Offer
Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, and Uber Technologies, Inc., the nation’s leading ridesharing service, are teaming up to provide people who want to drive and earn money on the Uber platform the option to lease qualified vehicles by the week or longer at discounted rates with no mileage limits.
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Maven Launches City Car Sharing in Los Angeles; Exceeds 20 Million Miles Driven
Maven continued its expansion into western markets with the announcement of Maven City car sharing in Los Angeles. In 10 months, Maven has launched three products and has grown to 13 U.S. cities: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Baltimore; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Detroit; Los Angeles; Jersey City, New Jersey; New York City; Orlando, Florida; San Diego; San Francisco; and Washington, D.C.
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