Integrated Performance Report Demonstrates Medtronic’s Commitment to Working Responsibly

Feb 2, 2016 11:00 AM ET

As we grow our business in scale and reach, Medtronic seeks to be a trusted partner to those involved in our business and industry, recognizing that broad collaboration is critical to our ability to go further in addressing global healthcare challenges and creating a sustainable business.

At Medtronic, we have policies, practices, and programs that ensure responsible management and operation of our business, including those that focus on corporate governance, workforce development and training, environmental sustainability, and supply chain management. Our performance related to these issues is detailed in the Company’s FY2015 Integrated Performance Report, “Further, Together.”

Governance and Engagement

We cannot transform healthcare alone. It will take all players in the healthcare industry to find solutions. For us to play a leading role in this transformation, we must continue to build trust among our employees, industry partners, patients, healthcare providers, investors, regulators, and governments. This means operating openly and transparently. It means acting ethically. It also means being honest in marketing our medical products and ensuring the privacy of patients who use them. And it means making certain every single employee knows about, understands, and complies with our policies at all times. Our credibility and business success are inseparable from our conduct throughout our value chain, from product design to interactions with doctors and suppliers.


No partner is more important to Medtronic’s success than our employees. Guided by the fifth tenet of our Mission — to recognize the personal worth of our employees — we invest strategically in policies and programs to attract, retain, and develop exceptional, diverse, and collaboratively minded individuals. We provide employees with opportunities for learning and advancement and support them in giving back to their communities. We also foster a healthy, safe, and respectful environment by listening to our employees and recognizing their achievements.


At Medtronic, we reduce our environmental impact by proactively managing environmental, health, and safety issues across our value chain. We make sure these issues are taken into account in all our business decisions, from product design, to manufacturing, to facility operations. As part of our commitment, we’ve set ambitious goals to further reduce our climate impact, water use, and waste generation.

Supply Chain

A robust and reliable supply chain is critical to our business. It allows us to produce and deliver the medical devices and therapies on which our customers and millions of patients depend. We aim to extend the values put forth in our Mission beyond our own operations by building long-term partnerships with suppliers and working with them to advance high ethical standards, product quality, health and safety, worker rights, and environmental responsibility. By offering skills development and training programs across our supply chain, we create benefits for stakeholders and safeguard our own long-term performance

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