Porter Novelli Purpose Summit: Day 1 Preview

May 6, 2020 8:20 AM ET

This Thursday, we will host Day 1 of the Porter Novelli Purpose Summit: Committing to Action Amid COVID‐19, which will take an in-depth look at how the pandemic is accelerating the transformation of business as a force for good. Conversations will highlight the actions of brands like L.L. Bean, Ben & Jerry’s, Georgetown University’s Business for Impact initiative, among others; insights from our extensive, ongoing research; and useful perspectives from Porter Novelli leaders.

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Day 1 Preview:
Thursday, May 7

The Tipping Point for ‘Good’ Business
Welcome & keynote address

10‐10:45 a.m. ET | Opening our event, we will explore what comes next for global business and its leadership; how COVID-19 has already played a pivotal role in solidifying a stakeholder first, rather than shareholder only, approach; and the true tipping point for committing to results that are judged by both profit and Purpose.

David Bentley, CEO, Porter Novelli
Kate Cusick, CMO, Porter Novelli


What’s Next for Purpose
COVID-19’s lasting impact on organizations

11-11:45 a.m. ET | Join this session to uncover the changing landscape for Purpose and understand how organizations are suddenly communicating and providing community support in entirely new ways.

Bill Novelli, Co-founder, Porter Novelli; Founder, Business for Impact at Georgetown University
Brian Crimmins, CEO, Changing Our World
Rosy McGillan, EVP & Partner, Global Purpose Practice Lead


How Stakeholders Expect Companies to Step Up
Latest insights from Porter Novelli’s COVID-19 Tracker

12-12:45 p.m. ET | How can brands step up to help employees, communities, healthcare workers on the front lines and individuals directly impacted by COVID-19? Porter Novelli has tracked the space – documenting hundreds of company efforts to determine how companies should act, where efforts are breaking through and ultimately, what is making the most impact. Learn from a host of real-time examples as well as hot-of-the-presses data on American expectations of companies during this global crisis.

Whitney Dailey, VP, Marketing, Research & Insights


How Companies Are Meeting Stakeholder Needs
Panel discussion on brand action

1-1:45 p.m. ET | Actions speak louder than words. It’s an age old saying that reminds us of the important role brand behavior plays in driving affinity and sales. So, how are brands making it happen? What are the keys to getting companies to act, and once they do, what are the best practices for communicating them? This panel will explore just that with brands that are acting with Purpose every day.

Sean Greenwood, Grand Poobah, Director of PR & Communications, Ben & Jerry’s
Amanda Hannah, Director of Public Relations, L. L. Bean
Anne McNally, Head of Communications, John Hancock
Lisa Unsworth, Managing Director, Porter Novelli Boston


Addressing the Next Wave of Our Public Health Crisis
Cross-sector solutions for mental health & wellness

2-2:45 p.m. ET | Recent data shows the impact of this pandemic has left 45% of us feeling a negative impact on our mental health and well-being. Similarly, 25% of us are reporting getting less sleep, which only exacerbates the physical and mental toll on our bodies. Although there have been an increasing number of reports on how individuals can improve their moods by connecting with others, engaging and physical activity and improving their coping skills, the size and scale of this issue calls for a comprehensive public health approach to supporting people. Listen in to learn more.

Saul Levin, MD, MPA, FRCP-E,  FRCPsych, CEO & Medical Director, American Psychiatric Association
Raymond Kotwicki, MD, MPH, DFAPA, Charles B. West Chief Medical Officer, Skyland Trail
Goldie Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Morehouse School of Medicine
Jana Thomas, EVP, Strategy, Porter Novelli


Crisis Preparedness for the New Abnormal
Building organizational resilience today

3-3:45 p.m. ET | Our changed environment is creating new opportunities for corporate brands to build trust, goodwill and reputation equity—but it is also presenting a multitude of new risks. During this session, we’ll share our set of specific strategies that are successfully guiding companies through this landscape.  Our perspective is informed by insights from our own consumer data, and the experiences of a team that has served at the highest levels of corporate communications, presidential politics, and management consulting.

Speaker: Sean Smith, EVP, Global Reputation Practice Lead


The Psychology of COVID-19, Culture & Climate
And what it means for business

4-4:45 p.m. ET | Over the last few months, this global reset due to COVID-19 has allowed us to step outside of the systems we’re immersed in long enough to more deeply witness what’s broken and what other possibilities exist. As we look ahead to the next existential crisis facing us – climate change – there are three aspects: psychology, culture and a new iteration of business. During this session, we’ll dive deeper into this interconnection to identify how to meet the challenge of the climate crisis.

Rene Lertzman, Ecopsychologist
Irene Tsouprake, Cultural curation expert
Sandy Skees, EVP, Global Innovation Practice Lead


Embracing Authenticity in a Pandemic
Flexing your radical empathy & EQ from home

5-5:45 p.m. ET | Especially today, we have no choice but to be our authentic selves – and in doing so we can all show and appreciate our shared humanity. This happy hour session will walk through the three keys to doing just that: radical empathy, emotional intelligence and authenticity.

Speaker: Melissa Kraus Taylor, Partner, Strategy, Insights & Learning

*Registration is complimentary and open to all.