Mid-Course Correction: Lessons for a Circular Economy

Oct 28, 2019 10:50 AM ET

On a steamy August morning in Atlanta, a 60-year old engineer and entrepreneur walked into a nondescript hotel conference room to kick off a new task force assembled to answer nagging questions about the environment from a few insistent customers. He had finally relented to multiple requests to share his environmental vision with the team, which he had only discovered a few days before.

No one was expecting anything special. In fact, the meeting had been bumped from the corporate offices for “more important” matters. The taskforce leader himself thought this side project would be wrapped up within 6-9 months. Everyone loved spending time with the CEO but expected him to make only a cursory and motivational appearance and get back to his real job.

No one knew the CEO was as inspired as the day he first saw carpet tiles 22 years before.

To everyone’s surprise, on Day Zero of Interface’s sustainability journey, founder and CEO Ray Anderson described the outline of a radical vision of a cyclical enterprise that would become ecologically restorative through its influence on others.

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