Announcing the Publication of 21st Century Corporate Citizenship, by Dave Stangis and Katherine Valvoda Smith

A practical guide to delivering value to society and your business
Apr 6, 2017 8:00 AM ET
Press Release

BINGLEY, United Kingdom, April 6, 2017 /3BL Media/ - Our society stands at the intersection of global consumer demand, technology, environmental sustainability, and human well-being. With markets moving at the speed of ideas, it’s difficult to predict where the next disruptive innovation or seismic shift will happen. Up-and-coming managers need all the help they can get to leverage the tools, trends, and assets at the disposal of a business to drive bottom-line results, value chain resiliency, productivity, innovation, long-term shareowner value, and benefit for the community. 21st Century Corporate Citizenship by Dave Stangis and Katherine Valvoda Smith provides a practical guide to building a successful business in the modern day.

This 'how-to' handbook from global publisher Emerald Group Publishing, linking research and practice to the benefit of society, presents a step-by-step process aimed at helping managers create the most successful business possible in the 21st-century competitive landscape. It empowers corporate citizenship professionals to accelerate their credibility within their company as an effective contributor who understands their company's strategy and who creates value.

The tools and insights presented are valuable for every business person thinking about how to differentiate their company and maximize business and social value. From the sole proprietor to those working in a global megacorporation, the concepts explored are 'must do' for those working for manufacturing B2B or B2C companies that are managing complex supply chains, global operations, and corporate reputation.

Dave Stangis, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, and Chief Sustainability Officer of Campbell Soup Company, and Katherine Valvoda Smith, executive director of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC), said: “If you work your way through the sections of this book and implement the tools and tactics we offer, you will develop both yourself as an effective advocate for corporate citizenship and your organization’s 21st century business strategy will be more resilient, agile, and successful than your competitors.”

Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup Company explains: “This book is important because it offers a step-by-step approach to thinking beyond the quarter to nurture the long-term health of the company, its suppliers, and its customers. It helps the corporate citizenship manager consider all the operation’s dimensions, methodically assess the operating environment, and develop objectives and a plan to improve both the business and the world.”

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