New Global Institute for Sustainability & Social Responsibility Professionals

Apr 18, 2017 3:30 PM ET
Press Release
If your work or aspirations align with any of 17 Sustainable Development Goals or the 7 Core Subjects of the ISO 26000 Standard on Social Responsibility, you are eligible and welcome to join SSR International. The benefits of membership include:
1. Certification - SSR International certifies individual professional members (at Novice, Student, Associate, Professional, Chartered and Fellow levels) and organisational training courses. Once verified by SSR International, members can use the designation “SSR International Certified [Member Level]. For example, “International Certified Professional” or “SSRICP”. Similarly, for training, once verified organisations can declare their courses to be “SSR International Certified”.
2. Training - SSR International offers a variety of online and in-situ training courses, including for example on: Foundations, Practices & Frontiers of SSR, Transformational Leadership & Becoming a Future-Fit Organisation, Sustainability Innovation & Growing Effective Change-makers, Business’ Human Rights & Responding to the Refugee Crisis, Transformative Social Responsibility & Creating Integrated Value, and Stakeholder Engagement & Discovering New Tools for Transparency.
3. Programmes - SSR International offers an Apprentice Training Programme (aimed at Student, Novice or Associate Members, with little or no experience or relevant qualifications), a Practitioner Training Programme (aimed at Associate, Professional and Chartered Members). Each are 3-month, part-time, online programmes, resulting in a Certificate of Completion. Both draw on SSR International's Apprenticeship Programme, to which Members donate 1-hour a month.
4. Accreditation - SSR International organisational members (Non-Profit and Business) are able to feature degree, diploma, certificate and non-degree sustainability and social responsibility courses, and are eligible to have them Endorsed, following a process of verification by SSR International of the contents and teachers of the courses. These members are thereafter able to use the designation "SSR International Endorsed" (and associated logo) in their promotion of the courses.
5. Tools - SSR International has a variety of SSR diagnostic and facilitation tools, including Classic SSR Assessment (measures against SSR codes & standards), Advanced SSR Assessment (measures transformative SSR practices), Hexagon Stakeholder Dialogue (quantifies feedback & consensus actions) and S2M Certification (based on sustainability, measurement & mediation). Members can be Trained and Licensed to use these tools, or Certified as organisations (for S2M).
6. Profiling - SSR International members are able to profile their work in sustainability and social responsibility, including sharing their upcoming events (meetings, conferences, courses, etc.) or professional content (press releases, blogs, articles, reports, jobs and videos). Members also have access to SSR International's Expert Groups and their associated Forums on each of the 7 ISO 26000 core subjects, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Countries of the world.
For more information about our services and how to join as a member, please visit the new website @ We are also on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter @SSRint.
We look forward to welcoming you to our community of Professionals Who Make a Difference.