Step Up This Earth Week

Apr 22, 2013 11:10 AM ET
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Apri 22, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Step Up This Earth Week

Through a few greener choices and a shift in mindset you can help decrease or even neutralize your family’s carbon footprint

In the spirit of Earth Week, JustGreen™ Lifestyle — a leading carbon offset provider — has teamed up with home environment expert, Leslie Garrett to educate Canadians on simple ways you can minimize your family’s carbon footprint and make earth day matter 365 days a year!

“When you consider that the average family contributes about 48,000 pounds of carbon pollution to global warming every year, counterbalancing that impact can seem like an impossible task,” says Leslie Garrett. “Making just a few small changes in your daily activities and a major shift in mindset can make a huge difference toward reducing and even neutralize your household carbon footprint,” says Garrett. 

According to green living experts, JustGreen™ Lifestyle and Garrett, here are some meaningful and simple ways that can make a big difference in the reduction of carbon emissions and your household carbon footprint:


Watch What You Eat

  • Livestock is the #1 contributor of methane pollution on the planet, so going meatless even just one day a week is a positive way to help fight global warming.
  • Shop the perimeter of the store to ensure you’re buying mostly non-processed foods that require less shipping and petroleum-fueled transportation. 
  • Buy more local fruits and vegetables when they are in-season – and check out local farmers markets to support local agriculture and offer a helping hand to the planet.


Reduce Your Car Use

  • Pledge to take a bicycle for trips fewer than 5 - 10 kilometers – you’ll be healthier and so will the planet
  • Be mindful about errands that require driving by planning them all on one day — whenever possible.
  • Cut back on your visits by car to the grocery store. Make just one or two car visits a week instead of three or four.


Be Mindful at Home

  • At home, energy conservation is the key goal, so think of the planet and turn your thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter by just a degree or two for major reduction in energy use.
  • Investing in energy efficient appliances can reduce your energy bill by up to whopping 60%. Washing in cold water whenever possible will save you another 10% on your bill — and over time, those little, planet-friendly changes add up.


Carbon Offsets Matter

  • In addition to reducing wherever possible, consider stepping up to get into that Earth Week mindset all year long by investing in carbon offsets — which costs less than a cup of coffee a day — and help to neutralize your carbon footprint.
  •  Carbon offsets are green credits that invest in green energy projects across North America — including wind and solar power projects and advanced methane gas capture technologies that help mitigate the impact of landfills.
  • Make sure you buy from a reputable company like that operates according to strict eco-standards and retires and registers offsets in a transparent way.


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