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The Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing at Solar Turbines


Click here to read about how Solar Turbines has used Additive Manufacturing to produce and repair production components in-house.

Replacing conventional casting with these technologies allows Solar Turbines to develop and test components more quickly, produce components less expensively and repair components that would otherwise be scrapped.

Let's Get Circular

by Nick Lazaridis, President of the EMEA region for HP Inc.

What if we lived in a world where we didn’t own anything? I’m not talking about giving away all of our possessions and living in a yurt. I mean what if we could still enjoy all of the latest gadgets and appliances we love, and the clothing and furniture we need, but we just paid to use them instead of bought and owned them outright? What if we didn’t have the hassle or expense of maintaining them or replacing them when they no longer served their purpose? What if doing things this way was better for the environment and more efficient for the companies making these goods?

Unreasonable Impact | Putting Empathy Back in Healthcare with 3D Printing: Q&A with Andiamo


In 2003, Naveed and Samiya Parvez gave birth to their son, Diamo. Medical negligence during birth led to cerebral palsy and severe developmental delay for Diamo, who required help with the most basic of functions, from sitting to eating. He wore several orthotics and braces to aid these daily functions.

3D Printing Gets Fashionable

How Danit Peleg revolutionized the fashion industry with 3D-printing technology.

Danit Peleg | Fashion Designer 

This Q&A is derived from Part 2 of a five-part white paper series called Routes to the Future, in which we explore the innovations, challenges and opportunities in a new era of possibilities.

Today’s shopper expects seamlessness and efficiency — and new technologies are helping retailers deliver on these expectations in new ways.

How 3D Printing is Helping Make the Lives of Wounded Soldiers Better

by Lee Dockstader, Director of Vertical Market Development, 3D Printing, HP Inc.

It’s easy to see why HP cofounder David Packard is revered as a brilliant man who led a big life. Not only did he and Bill Hewlett start Hewlett-Packard together in 1939 out of a Palo Alto garage, but they built it up to be a Silicon Valley giant that today remains an innovative multibillion-dollar company. 

Will Disruption Take a Bite Out of Logistics Jobs?

New technologies and trends will shake up the industry, but could boost employment.

Alan Amling | UPS 

As advancing technology and business-model innovations gain momentum and threaten to disrupt logistics, some are beginning to worry about their impact on logistics-related jobs.

New GM Wind Tunnel Accelerates Fuel-Saving Designs

Expanded testing capacity for quieter vehicles and lower operating cost
Press Release

WARREN, Mich., November 10, 2015  /3BL Media/ – General Motors is now able to accelerate and verify fuel-saving designs earlier in development of new cars and trucks thanks to a new reduced scale wind tunnel test facility on the campus of the company’s Technical Center.

Back to the Future: 3D Printing and the Future of Math Education

by Ki Karou

Ki Karou is a game-based learning designer for the nonprofit MIND Research Institute. MIND Research Institute is a partner of Cisco CSR. Cisco sponsors The Huffington Post's ImpactX section.


Ki Karou is a game-based learning designer for the nonprofit MIND Research Institute. MIND Research Institute is a partner of Cisco CSR. Cisco sponsors The Huffington Post's ImpactX section.

New Program From Verizon Teaches Middle School Boys in Baltimore Coding and 3-D Design

by Robin White Goode

The week of July 13 launched Minority Male Makers, a 2-year program developed by Verizon, which aims at giving minority middle school boys hands-on learning experiences with advanced technology, opening their eyes to the professional possibilities that STEM combined with entrepreneurship skills can offer. The program aims at empowering a new generation of minority men by giving them lifelong technology and entrepreneurship skills.

Prediction: Building Products Will Soon Be Sold as 3D Blueprints, Not Physical Objects

Within a few years, most faucets, sinks, and other building products will likely be downloaded, not shipped.

"We saw this coming, yes, but had no idea how quickly it would take shape," says Green Builder Editor-In-Chief Matt Power, author of the future-focused Celestia Project.  "It's sort of a ninja attack on the manufacturing industry, one that I don't think most of them yet see coming."


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