42BELOW Recycled Cocktail Lemons Eco Soap

Introducing the 42BELOW® Lemon Soap Science Series

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The “Lemon Ladies” are back! Check out the latest episodes of our planet saving, recycled cocktail lemons soapy scheme including the one where the Lemon Ladies reveal what's in our secret soap recipe.

Science + Cocktails = Soap

Coming soon… the 42BELOW® vodka “Lemon Soap Science Series”
Multimedia with summary

We just finished our latest batch of 42BELOW® Recycled Cocktail Lemons Eco Soap… Here’s sneak peek at the upcoming Lemon Soap Science series!

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42BELOW Vodka Brand Says: “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Eco Soap”


As waste continues to be a major trending topic within the sustainability world, companies are coming up with increasingly creative ways to address the issue within their own business operations – from "inglorious vegetables" to shoes that can

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