6 Ways to Make Your Money More Sustainable

by ​Kate O’Rourke

Have you considered the impact your wallet is having on the environment?

Making the right financial decisions, from your mortgage right down to your pension provider, could accelerate a lower carbon footprint, but it’s vital to be absolutely certain that it is making the right difference. How you save, how you spend and how you invest can all contribute to the climate crisis without you realising.

Paying the bills without paying a heavy price needn’t be complicated either, provided you do your research. So, where can you start?

1. Switch banks

5 Ways Dogs Improve Our Wellbeing

by Grace Coleman

Over the past year, the everyday work routine has changed drastically. Many of us have been confined to our homes, setting up new make-shift workstations, and adjusting to all human contact being remote/online and sticking to a new routine – Change isn’t easy.

Hydrogen As a New Source of Energy for E-mobility

by Nancy Schurig

Getting from A to B without endlessly choking the planet on a deadly cocktail of toxic pollution is more feasible these days as electric mobility continues to gather pace.

E-mobility, the environmentally friendly method of travel which steers away from existing fossil fuels, uses energy from electrical power sources through charging instead of emitting carbon into the atmosphere.

Five Ways to Ensure Companies Create an Inclusive Workplace for LGTBQ+ Employees

by Grace Coleman

As part of our DEI Speaker Series, Acre invited the team at Global Butterflies to host a talk on global trans & non-binary issues, with an added business perspective. Established in 2015, the founder Rachel Reese created Global Butterflies to bring awareness of trans and non-binary issues to the business sector.

Faces of Acre - Making a Difference

by Grace Coleman

Behind the scenes of the impactful roles we place, the teams we build, our dedication to tackling climate change and sustainability challenges, is our ever growing and passionate team. In our ongoing ‘Faces of Acre’ series, we want to shine a spotlight on the people who make up the Acre team and give our employees a platform to share their passions, speak up on important topics and talk about the pro bono work they take part in. 

London Is on Board With England's First Hydrogen-powered Double-deckers

by Jack Porter

A fleet of 20 hydrogen double-decker buses has been released onto the streets of London to help cut toxic fumes and tackle climate change.

In what is believed to be a first for England, the £12m hydrogen double-decker buses are being introduced on the number 7 route in the capital, running between East Acton and Oxford Circus.

Cotton Protocol Leaves No Shred of Doubt for Apparel Firm

by Liam Goldsworthy

One of the world’s largest clothing manufacturers has become a member of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol.

Gildan Activewear manufactures everyday basic apparel and is one of the largest domestic consumers of U.S. cotton.

The company has joined the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol with its portfolio of company-owned brands, including Gildan®, Alstyle®, American Apparel® and Comfort Colors®. The firm is one of the largest domestic consumers of U.S. cotton, which represents the majority of the fiber used in Gildan’s products.

Saying No to Mum Guilt

By Anna Keen

*this is not exclusive to mums, dads can get it too!
For a while now I have wanted to share some of the things I have learnt over recent years in the hope it will help someone else. The most significant of all my life experiences seems an obvious place to start – becoming a mum. ​

Charities Making a Splash This World Oceans Day


​Never underestimate the power of the ocean – a flat, calm sea one day can become a powerful and almighty force the next, which can churn up a very different experience.

However, potential dangers aside, we mustn’t underestimate its power because, quite simply, without the oceans, we wouldn’t be here.

Oceans keep us alive, providing at least 50 percent of the planet’s oxygen and absorbing about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide we produce - a healthy ocean plays a critical role in the climate crisis solution.


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