Real Skills You’ll Need for A.I. and Machine Learning


Originally posted on Dice

Ever since research scientists coined the term ‘artificial intelligence’ more than sixty years ago, the idea of a self-thinking computer has occupied a special place in the public consciousness. But now companies seem to have come around to the idea that, with enough technology and talent, A.I. can become an actual product.

Artificial Intelligence + Algorithms = Assumptions!

By Hazel Henderson

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged in the public debate with Deep Mind’s recent win over a champion of the Chinese game GO.  AI is all about computers getting better at solving problems formerly thought too difficult which should be left to humans.  Since the 1970s, a small group of computer specialists and mathematicians based their hopes on teaching machines to follow the rule-based learning of human reasoning.  They designed algorithms (coding these rules into software programs) which they hoped would enable computers to emulate human thought processes.


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