assigning value outcomes

Valuing Outcomes: Does it Really Matter?

By: Stephanie Robertson, President of SiMPACT Strategy Group

So many organizations are still challenged to measure outcomes. Despite much interest, activity and outputs-based evaluation remains the norm. Knowing this, does encouraging the next step, i.e. valuing outcomes in financial terms, really seem like the right thing to do?

Realizing Value Through Social Impact Bonds

5 hurdles to overcome when assigning value to outcomes

By Stephanie Robertson & Anne Miller
SiMPACT Strategy Group
December 06,2012

While the concept of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) jumped the Atlantic from Britain in 2011, it is taking its time to develop in Canada. Unlike American and Australian counterparts that are already testing the concept, SIBs seem to be increasingly discussed in Canada, but are not yet in the testing phase. Several links to recent conversations are provided at the end of this article.

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