Tupperware Brands Works with NASA to Help Astronauts Grow Fresh Food in Space


Tupperware Brands believes that people should not only have fresh food on Earth, but in space as well.

In 2018, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), began working with Tupperware to improve the diet of their astronauts, and created the Vegetable Production System known as Veggie. With Veggie, astronauts can grow fresh food in space, supplementing their diets with healthy greens and providing them with better nutrition.

Enter to Win a 5-Day #StudentAstronaut Training from Fox and Project PoSSUM


In the fall of 2014, the Fox TV Stations debuted Xploration Station, a two-hour block of STEM-focused programming consisting of four new shows. One of those shows, Xploration Outer Space, has partnered with the nonprofit Project PoSSUM to launch the #StudentAstronaut Contest, a competition giving one high school or college student the chance to take part in a special 5-day scientist-astronaut training program.

Astronauts, Efficiency and Apollo 13


I know that some people don’t think that energy efficiency is very compelling, but there are a lot of astronauts who would disagree with that. In space, energy efficiency literally saves lives. When Apollo 13 lost electrical power, the astronauts’ survival came down to their ability to conserve enough energy to bring them back to Earth. After shutting down all “unnecessary” systems, how much power do you think they had? The equivalent of what it takes to run a coffee pot. Amazing.

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