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Advancing the Safety and Efficiency of Autonomous Technology With SARA, the Sikorsky MATRIX Test Helicopter


For the last five decades, Lockheed Martin has developed unmanned and autonomous systems that improve the safety and efficiency of humanitarian aid, first response and other civil, commercial and military operations.

Recently, engineers in the company’s Sikorsky business helped develop a drop-in, kit-based system that will enable the users of military and commercial helicopters to safely, reliably and affordably operate their aircraft autonomously.

How Driverless Cars Will Shape Cities of the Future

by Giovanna Fabiano

Imagine a world where driverless cars rule the road, navigating their way across an integrated network of connected cities, while sharing data with infrastructure in real time.

Truly “smart cities,” in which transportation systems all communicate with each other (think cars with traffic signals, for example), may seem far off, but futurists and economists alike say it will happen sooner than you think.

In fact, autonomous technology already exists, and its proliferation will have profound implications on the built environment.

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