New Holland North America Supports U.S. Beef Industry Through NCBA, CCA, Cattle Producer


New Holland knows beef. In the 1950s, the brand promoted its “Eat More Beef,” message throughout North America and has been dedicated to supporting beef producers by providing industry-leading hay and forage solutions ever since.

Enlisting Cows in the Struggle to Reverse Climate Change

by Amy Brown

Beef has a bad name these days. The kind of beef, that is, that comes from cows, not the plant-based alternatives from Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat getting so much buzz lately.

The War Between Farm and Forest


By Sofia Faruqi, manager, New Restoration Economy, World Resources Institute 

Hundreds of people have died in northern Kenya in recent months due to conflict between armed cattle herders and the wildlife conservation community. During my visits to this part of Kenya over the last two years, I was surprised to find livestock in a region renowned for wildlife. The grasslands are home not only to elephants and zebras but also to cows and goats.

Our Collective Love of Red Meat

Blub, Cluck, Oink and Moo


For those of you who read last week, that was the answer to our question. We are so very excited, and we are grateful that our baby is looking good and healthy on the ultrasound.

Now, on to this week’s post. Growing up, I had the inestimable blessing of a Southern mother who made dinner for the family most nights. This meant that I ate well. Mom, I didn’t say this enough back then, but thank you!

#DardenDigest: Just Another Day at the Ranch


Over the past four years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Olive Garden and Red Lobster, each providing me the opportunity to work with great people and learn new skills. I recently transitioned to the LongHorn Steakhouse team and the learning on my Darden journey continues. I was familiar with LongHorn’s vision to become America’s favorite steakhouse, the great taste of the Peak Season and Chef’s Showcase items, and of course, our legendary steaks.

Lab-Grown Beef: A Meat Pie in the Sky?

Multimedia with summary

Cruelty free products abound in our 21st Century market place, from cosmetics to fake fur. But can you imagine a cruelty free filet mignon? It sounds like an oxymoron, or the stuff of a wacky sci-fi flick. But, as this week’s guest on Sea Change Radio explains, lab-grown meat is here and could hit the shelves within your lifetime.

Creating a More Sustainable Future for Beef


The Darden Digest welcomes Dr. Kim Stackhouse, Director of Sustainability Research for the National Cattleman's Beef Association. Darden has partnered with the NCBA to better understand the sustainability impact of cattle production in the United States.

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