Why Always Wants to Teach Girls and Boys About Puberty

Educating people about periods is the key to building confidence in young girls.

Many people around the world miss out on school or work, and opt out of activities they enjoy, like sports or eating certain foods, every month — just because of their period. The reasons are endless — maybe they’ve been told they’re dirty because they have periods, they don’t have pads or tampons, or they don’t have access to clean water and toilets.

Verizon Offers STEM Camp for Middle School Boys at Morgan State University

By: Daniel Leaderman

A summer program at Morgan State University is trying to encourage young, black males to study science and engineering and prepare them for careers in technology and entrepreneurship.

Beauty That Counts: It's Time To Talk


I’ve discovered in the last few months there are three things that terrify me as a mother of a 16 year old daughter: driving, dating and drugs. I’m not sure if terrify is even a strong enough word for the angst I feel about the “3Ds” as I call them. I think I’m like most parents who want to instill in our kids the roots and morals to become responsible adults while keeping their dreams alive and giving them the confidence and wings to soar.

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