Freeport-McMoRan’s DreamBuilder Program Launches in the United States

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May 19, 2015 /3BL Media/ - The Thunderbird School of Global Management will launch an English-language version of the Freeport-McMoRan DreamBuilder program.

Freeport-McMoRan’s DreamBuilder program is designed for women entrepreneurs who want to start or grow a small business. The online learning program is available throughout the United States in association with the Small Business Administration.

CSR and Social Media: Making Connections @TWC

Leveraging Twitter to tell CSR Stories

At Time Warner Cable, we aim to connect our customers to what matters most. That includes connecting customers back to us and what we do. One way TWC links customers to products, services and community efforts is through social media. In addition to company news and updates, TWC’s regional Twitter handles tell stories that reflect our local community initiatives, 140-characters at a time.

How To Create A Sustainable Brand In 90 Minutes

Book Review: Latest in the DoShorts series - ‘Creating a Sustainable Brand’ by Henk Campher

Simplicity is beautiful. In a world saturated by gurus (I even shivered typing that word) and wanna-be experts lining up with their jargon bazookas in strained attempts to prove Einstein’s alleged quote wrong…

If you can’t explain it simply you don’t know it well enough.

..well they do have to justify fees, real wisdom is usually drowned out in the melee.

Invest in Prosperity: Join Shared Value Innovators May 13-14 in New York

Business and social sector professionals reimagine the intersection of business and society at the Shared Value Leadership Summit

Register for the Shared Value Leadership Summit: Investing in Prosperity to advance shared value in your organization and network with leaders in the field.

Press Release

Register for the Shared Value Leadership Summit: Investing in Prosperity to advance shared value in your organization and network with leaders in the field.

The New Expectations of Society


“Successful companies and brands will be the ones that drive more rapid and meaningful change in society and business through co-creation and collaboration with people around a shared purpose.”


The first decade of the 21st century had a significant impact on what it means to be a good corporate and brand citizen. The intersection of four seismic shifts makes it imperative for global businesses to re-evaluate their citizenship efforts and the way they are communicated.

Sustainable Brands ’13: Hope and Strategies for the Future


By: Judy Sandford
Senior Strategist, Sustainability Communications

I attended the recent Sustainable Brands ’13 conference themed “From Revolution to Renaissance” and gained insights into the future of business and brand sustainability. Some sustainability conferences are all doom and gloom about the future, but this one had an upbeat attitude with a lot of hope based on solutions.

Running for their Lives


by Mike Swenson, President of Crossroads

If we all had the time and inclination, we could probably do a charitable run or walk two or three times a week. The proliferation of these events is remarkable. Their success is why. Hundreds of millions of dollars are raised for great causes by people walking or running every year. But what does the future of such events hold?

Communicating Sustainability at Maersk Line: Striking a Balance Between Silence and Greenwashing


By Jacob Sterling, Head of Environment & CSR, MAersk Line

Maersk Line has traditionally not been known for its sustainability efforts. Why? Well, because the company used to have a habit of hardly communicating anything externally. Previously, there had been little perceived need for communicating — and this combined with a strong value around humbleness kept the company quiet. This has changed in the last 5-6 years where departments dealing professionally with both communications and sustainability have been set up.

Good stories kept as a secret

Upcoming Webinar: Planet Brands – Changing Behavior for Sustainable Social Good


“Planet Brands” is a new piece of thought leadership developed by Futerra Sustainability Communications, on the brands that have the potential to drive global, sustainable behavior change.

Behavior change is a hot topic and drawing on a decade of research David Willans, Director of Futerra+, will share his expertise on how brands can positively influence consumer behavior to encourage more sustainable lifestyles in an upcoming VolunteerMatch Best Practice Network (BPN) webinar.

Recyclebank’s Erika Diamond to Share Insight on How Brands Can Bring Green Mainstream at GoGreen NYC

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(3BL Media) September 19, 2012 - 


Erika Diamond, vice president of community solutions at Recyclebank will share insight during today’s panel discussion at GoGreen NYC, entitled “Green Marketing & Branding: Mainstreaming Green." The panel will look at how green marketing is evolving to go beyond the niche healthy lifestyle and pro-environmental communities, to full-fledged effective strategies detailing how to make “sustainable” behavior mainstream.


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