BSR Conference 2019

BSR Conference 2019: Simone Niven, Group Executive, Corporate Relations, Rio Tinto

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The mining industry is undergoing change and transition. After nearly 150 years in this industry, Rio Tinto is still looking for ways to break new ground in sustainability.

Simone Niven, Rio Tinto's Group Executive in Corporate Relations, discussed the company's three strategic priorities, the importance of transparency, and the need to collaborate with communities and governments during her plenary speech at the BSR Conference 2019.

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BSR Conference 2019: Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose

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The BSR Conference 2019 took place this past November in the city of San Jose, and one of the conference's plenary speakers was the city's mayor, Sam Liccardo. As mayor, Liccardo has big plans for San Jose, from upgrading its energy technology to ensuring better access to education. He shared the importance of achieving these goals via collaboration, with the private sector and with other mayors, during his speech on the plenary stage.

BSR Conference 2019: Aron Cramer, President and CEO, BSR

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As we approach the 2020s, it is clear that the world is transforming in a way that creates a new climate for business, from changes in policy and public perception to the growing imperative to address the climate crisis.

BSR Conference 2019: Miranda Ballentine, CEO, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance

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For companies with clean energy goals, it can be complicated to find the tools and resources needed when energy efficiency and optimization do not go far enough. In order to fill this gap, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) was created.

BSR Conference 2019: Stephen Badger, Chairman, Board of Directors, Mars, Incorporated

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The next ten years will prove to be a decisive decade for climate change and how business chooses to address it. As the chairman of a family-owned business, Mars, Incorporated, Stephen Badger is pushing for transformational, not incremental, change in order to create a future where all people can thrive without damaging the biodiversity of the planet.

BSR Conference 2019: Kevin Roose, Technology Columnist, The New York Times

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The future of automation in work can seem both frightening and inevitable to those concerned about losing their jobs to machines. In a world where there are no robot-proof jobs, how can humans stay ahead of the machines?

BSR Conference 2019: Shannon Watts, Founder, Moms Demand Action

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In response to the unending gun violence across the U.S., Shannon Watts founded Moms Demand Action, a grassroots movement advocating for policy changes and working within communities in order to promote a safer gun culture. Building a movement from the ground up can be challenging, especially without prior experience.

The New Climate for Business: The Voice of Business in a Tribalized World

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For companies, shareholder primacy used to be key, but during the past several years, different groups, including customers, suppliers, and civil society, have become increasingly important. These groups have pushed companies to take positions on challenging issues like gun control and women's rights, and companies may find themselves distancing a group of stakeholders no matter their stance. How can companies take into account the interests, growing ever more divergent and contentious, of these stakeholder groups?

The New Climate for Business: Employee Activism as an Asset

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Now, more than ever employees are using their voice to influence the companies they work for, regardless of sector, on issues as varied as climate change and sexual harassment. As such, businesses are faced with the question: How can we integrate employee voices into stakeholder engagement processes and maximize this opportunity?

At the BSR Conference 2019, we will explore how employee activism is shaping a new climate for business. Register today.

The New Climate for Business in the 2020s: Challenges of the Decisive Decade

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As we approach a new decade, companies are facing a fundamentally new climate for business. We have limited time to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate targets of the Paris Agreement. At the same time, business leaders must navigate enormous changes, from bottom-up activism from employees, investors, and youth to evolving attitudes toward capitalism itself.

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