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Building Science: Durability

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Learn first-hand how this structural assembly meets or exceeds today’s new codes. This video and others available for viewing HERE

Mainstreaming Zero-Energy Homes

Making high-performance homes easier to build and more affordable will convince both builders and homeowners to go net zero.

The concept of a building that generates at least as much energy as it consumes, as calculated on a net-annual basis, is one that more and more people outside of the building professions are getting their heads around.

Green Builder Magazine’s Celestia Project Takes Top Editorial Honors in 2015 FOLIO Awards

Winning series highlights a sustainable, joyous life in the year 2100 with plans for Celestia to “come to life” as a built project in 2016.
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The judges have spoken: Green Builder's nine-part series on life in an “Ecotopian” future received one of journalism’s most prestigious awards, winning an Eddie in the national Folio competition, up against top entries from several of the construction industry's biggest publishing companies.

"It really gives you hope that the public is ready for a new direction, a vision that is not dystopian, but positive, constructive and hopeful," says series author Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief of Green Builder magazine.

Green Builder Media Launches New Source for Building Science and Performance

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October 28, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder® Media just launched a new source for building science and performance.

This new site is replete with tips and tools to help educate building professionals and consumers and key aspects of high-performance buildings. Where building performance is concerned, it’s what’s behind the walls that matters.

Spray Foam Is the Ideal Choice for Modern Commercial Building Design

New Free E-Book for Commercial Architects Will Have Them Asking: Why Am I Still Using Foam Board Insulation?
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Seattle, WA, October 21, 2015 /3BL Media/ —It’s hard to believe, yet commercial architects still continue to specify rigid XPS foam board products in continuous insulation applications when closed-cell spray foam has proven to be a super-efficient, highly flexible alternative that saves on budget as well as construction schedules.

See How Building Science Was Used to Achieve Enhanced Efficiencies in Home Construction

The HP+ Wall System delivers up to R-34 in a 2x4 building construction configuration.
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Check out this video on how to deliver up to R-34 in a 2x4 building construction configuration.

Combined Water and Space Heating

Single-source water and space heating, or “combi” systems that optimize efficiency are being developed through a series of lab tests and field trials.

Better insulation and tighter envelopes are reducing space heating loads for new and existing homes. This makes it possible for both space and domestic water heating loads to be provided with a single heating plant, saving significant amounts of energy. These systems are called combination (combi) systems and have been the focus of ongoing field and lab studies conducted by the NorthernSTAR Building America Partnership.


Durable Siding Options: Side By Side

Making sustainable siding choices requires looking at many factors: the embodied energy of the product, impact on water and other resources required during manufacturing, local or regional availability, types of finishes used and recycling potential.

NOT TOO LONG AGO, Not too long ago, if you were building a house in this country, there were only three major cladding options—brick, stucco or wood—and the choice was largely determined by your region. After World War II, aluminum siding took center stage, and in the 1980s, vinyl began its ascendancy. Today, the field has expanded. And while vinyl is still king, fiber cement is making inroads, and other cladding options are experiencing a resurgence. Wood, which inspires so many of the alternatives, makes up but a small fraction of the cladding of new homes. 

A Case Study in High Performance Building

Tim O'Brien® Homes and BASF join forces to create the future of home building. Working collaboratively, they were able to optimize the value for both the builder and customer.

A High Performance Partnership

At Tim O’Brien Homes, green building is a critical part of the successful builder’s on-going commitment to improving their homebuilding process, and has resulted in more energy-efficient, durable and comfortable homes.

Green Builder® Media Announces Innovative New Approach to Media and Content Delivery

Company expands its leadership position in the sustainability and media sectors.
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September 11th, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Since our inception over a decade ago, Green Builder Media has played a significant role in shaping a national conversation about sustainability.  Now, as the country’s leading media company focused on sustainable living, we’re enhancing our leadership position, focusing our innovative thinking on redefining the way that we deliver media.


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