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Jumpstart Your Sustainability Strategy at the BSR Conference 2014


September is just around the corner, and it’s time to get back to work. It’s also time to jumpstart your sustainability strategy. Learn how to integrate transparency and transformation into your planning by registering for the BSR Conference 2014, taking place November 4-6 in New York.

Transparency & Transformation

Last Chance! Looking for Partners to Collectively Raise Awareness About Childhood Cancer


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___________________________________________ Weekly Highlights July 31, 2014 Weekly Highlights July 31, 2014

Top Story of the Week Weekly Highlights July 8, 2014


Purveyors of Leading ESG Disclosure & Reporting Frameworks Gather Under a Big Tent to Discuss “Alignment”

The 'CVS Effect' in Action: SAP, Starbucks, Tesla Show How to Lead by Sharing Information


Here are three new examples of the CVS Effect in action that show how brands can change how business operates — for the better (the “CVS Effect” is shorthand for recognizing brands that are doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do). In these cases, the “right thing” is choosing to share information and resources, even when there’s a risk of losing market dominance or taking a financial hit. Weekly Highlights June 25, 2014 Weekly Highlights June 25, 2014

What Does "Sustainability" Mean to You?

When you hear the word "sustainability," what comes to mind?  Writing in Fast Company, Phillip Barlag thinks the word still needs a common understanding.  Sustainability might be better understood in clear context - as applied for example to the corporate sector.  "Sustainability in corporate terms," he writes, "is really about helping companies thrive forever." Weekly Highlights June 10, 2014 Weekly Highlights June 10, 2014

The Top Lessons Learned To Advance Sustainability

We are enthralled with “10 steps to leadership,” “five top lessons for managers,” and “six steps to greater success” types of themes and the accompanying lessons learned.  This week we tap into the trend with our Top Story – “The Seven Steps to Sustainability.”  This is from Eco-Business, authored by Peter Lacy and colleague and co-author Yves de Boer, of the global Accenture organization.  They work in the Asia-Pacific region; the lessons learned are from the firm’s survey of 1,000 global CEOs. - Sanofi (EPA:SAN) Publishes 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

The report offers a close look at the compant's Corporate Social Responsibility priorities and practices
Press Release

June 11, 2014 /3BL Media/ - As a leading healthcare company, Sanofi's mission is to protect the health, improve the quality of life and provide hope and respond to the potential healthcare needs of 7 billion people around the world.

You will find the CSR report and the associated CSR tools below : Weekly Highlights June 4, 2014 Weekly Highlights June 4, 2014

FLASH REPORT: It’s Official – 72% of the S&P 500® Companies Are Publishing Sustainability Reports

We all know the S&P 500 Index companies – Allstate, AEP, Avon, Bank of America, Eastman Chemical, Marriott International, McDonald’s, Oracle, Owens-Illinois, Staples, Verizon Communications, Visa, Xerox  -- on and on, the great names in American business. The Index is compiled by S&P Dow Jones Indices, a  part of McGraw-Hill Financial


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