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Insights on Improving the Quality of Life for Female Travelers

By: Jennifer Williamson

This evening as I stepped off the shuttle from DCA to LGA I overheard a young female business traveler beside me say “Mommy just landed, I’ll be home soon to tuck you in and kiss you goodnight”.  It made me smile.  I can’t recount the number of times I’ve said that to my children and then prayed the traffic from NY to CT would cooperate enabling me to fulfill that promise.  It got me thinking about just how many other female travelers around the world were making that exact promise at that moment, and what if anything can be done to help alleviate some of the stress and quite frankly “mommy

How Companies Can Make Business Travel Sustainable

By Megan Wild

Business travel is necessary because it’s how many companies serve their clients. The ability to visit client locations represents the ability to show up, build relationships and deliver products on all accounts.

Vigilant Global Offsets Business Travel Impact

Multimedia with summary

Vigilant Global planted 972 trees to offset carbon emissions from the company's 2015 business travel, as part of its commitment to reducing the environment impact of business activities. 

What Happens in Vegas…Corporate ‘Sexual’ Responsibility?


Some would argue that companies have no claim on what their employees do on their own time. But is there really such a thing as “after hours” anymore?

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