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3 Hacks by Sodexo for Managing Your Boss

By: Quality of Lifehacks

No matter where you work, it’s likely that you have a boss that manages you. What you may not realize is that not only does your boss manage you, but you can manage him or her as well. Being able to positively manage up can make your life at work easier and happier, but it has other benefits as well. A good manager can advocate for you to get the opportunities you want, whether it’s being put on a new project or getting a promotion.

Here are three hacks that will help you manage your boss.

Make your boss successful.

Meet the Scientist: Margaret Chu-Moyer’s Unexpected Path to Biotech


This profile is a part of the Amgen Foundation’s “Meet the Scientists” series, where we invite students and teachers to learn more about a scientist at Amgen and the work they do to create lifesaving medicines. Join the conversation by sharing your own experiences with @AmgenFoundation and @Amgen.

8 Ideas to Help Launch Your Career


Dr. Marla Gottschalk recently shared a blog post on LinkedIn with some great tips on how to help launch your career. She’s an industrial/organizational psychologist and serves as Director of Thought Leadership at Kilberry Leadership Advisors in Toronto.

The Best Time to Quit Your Terrible Job is Now


Susie Poppick from Time recently shared her thoughts on why it’s okay for millennials to quit a terrible job. I’ve mentored many young professionals through the years, and I have to say, she’s spot on with her insights. Many counselors tell young professionals that they should stay in that first job for at least two years, but sometimes the situation requires action.

Get Out of Your Own Way to Launch Your Career


Even with ample resources, you may still be struggling to find a career that suits you. You’ve tried everything - networking, the latest technology, career fairs, job boards, etc. Despite interviews, conversations, connections, and lots of promise, you’re still not finding a role that fits what you’re seeking.

Soft Skills More Important Than Ever For Success in the Workplace


A college degree provides the basic skills necessary to perform work associated with your major, but it does not directly translate to success in the workplace. The basic tenets of hard work and dedication never hurt, but as Josh Tolan points out in his article “5 Skills Gaps Employers Need to Address” (click here to read the full article), there are other contributing factors.

Keep Your Focus When Finding That First Job


Business Insider had a great article last week from Josh Tolan on what recent college graduates should do when looking for that first job. Some of the tips seem simple. Others will require a little thought and preparation, but could help you land a job that will set the stage for your career.

Here are Tolan’s 10 tips:

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