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A Timely Solution for Starbucks Community Service Program [Case Study]


Starbucks needed a better way to manage their corporate volunteering efforts, fast. They wanted to continue to involve not only their employees (who they refer to as “partners”) in volunteerism, but also their customers.

Corporate Innovation Extends to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategies; Companies Find New Ways to Deploy Resources for Societal Benefit

Pilot study highlights diverse approaches companies are taking to do ‘good beyond giving’
Press Release

NEW YORK, May 23, 2017 /3BL Media/ - A new study released by CECP: The CEO Force for Good,  supported by USAA, found that large companies are implementing new ways to make a positive difference for people and communities beyond traditional corporate philanthropy and volunteering.

When a Service Provider is Part of the Team

By: Dan Bueschel

This is the third in a continuing blog series based on the findings from the Sodexo 2016 Healthcare Compendium, a compilation of research that examines the increasing trend toward a focus on value in the healthcare sector. Read the full article: Lowell General Hospital: Partnering for Excellence

Antea Group Case Study: EHS Passport for a Global Retail Company


A United States retail company was expanding its business into Latin America and Asia. The company required Antea Group’s assistance in ensuring that the new locations were in compliance with the host country’s rules and regulations to ensure a smooth store opening. 

For more about the challenge, solution, and result, read the full case study on the Antea Group website.

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Antea Group Case Study: North Dakota Pipeline Release Data Collection and Communication


A North Dakota pipeline released an estimated 21,000 bbls of crude oil. Antea Group was challenged by the client to assemble a team of specialists capable of effectively and efficiently collecting and communicating extent and migration data to key stakeholders. Due to the magnitude of the spill, spatial and environmental data needed to be collected electronically to expedite analysis and visualization. Furthermore, this incident required that laboratory data be managed by Antea Group to expedite analysis.

Antea Group Case Study: Data Management and Visualization for Interim Measure Plan


Groundwater impact was discovered at the bedrock surface off-site and the client needed to quickly be able to access a long history of site data and develop a conceptual site model. Visually understanding where the impacted groundwater was in relation to property boundaries, surface water and stratigraphic features was critical for the client to determine next steps.

Antea Group Case Study: Wisconsin Fuel Pipeline Release Data Management


In response to a Wisconsin fuel pipeline release, Antea Group was hired to collect, manage and analyze data relating to drinking water and groundwater. In order to manage the volume of data and manage risk to people, property and the environment the Cave team was engaged.

Mellon Capital Management Unveils Case Study on Creation of its Carbon Efficiency Strategy


Mellon Capital Management1 and The McKnight Foundation just unveiled a new case study, authored by pfc Social Impact Advisors, which examines the development of the Carbon Efficiency Strategy (CES) and explores several challenges and lessons learned.


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