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This #GivingTuesday Be a CUREsader


Today, and every single day, 43 families will hear the devastating news that no parent should hear: their child has cancer. At CureSearch, it is our goal to protect the future of those children diagnosed with cancer by delivering better, less-toxic treatments NOW.

Join our #GivingTuesday goal of achieving 43 recurring monthly gifts to honor these children.

Donate today at

Please join us in the fight against children’s cancer today! 

On #GivingTuesday Help StandUp for Kids and End the Cycle of Youth Homelessness


Give $5, Get 5 Friends

On #GivingTuesday we will ask a supporter to donate $5 to our cause and then post about the donation to their social media, tag five of their friends, and ask them to match the gift

Make Giving Tuesday Happen Every Month

Build a Team — Be a Hero. Support GKTW on #GivingTuesday


#GivingTuesday is November 28th, and we have something super in store for 2017’s global day of giving. This year, we’ll harness the power of our GKTW Family and social media to make our greatest impact to date.

That’s where you come in. We’re calling on you and your superpowers to be a hero for the brave kids we serve. We need your help to inspire others to suit up and join us as superheroes!

Only you can share your unique story with your network of change-makers. But we don’t expect you to do this alone. Attached, you’ll find our super tools:

Be a #DreamMaker This #GivingTuesday

Multimedia with summary

Many of our greatest memories are made with the children in our lives, whether it be our children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, center around the holidays; there is something truly magical about this time of year. Unfortunately, some families only have a limited time to make incredible memories with the children in their lives, since many children are fighting a critical or chronic illness.

Starting a Year-round Employee Giving Program: Benefits, Barriers, and Things to Consider


According to America’s Charities’ Snapshot 2017 report, nearly 71 percent of workplace donors say that they want to work for employers who have missions and values that align with their own personal values. What’s more, nearly 6 in 10 workplace donors say they want to work for companies where the culture supports giving and volunteering.

Time for an Employee Giving Program Pulse Check


When it comes to annual check-ups we make it a priority to visit the doctor, dentist or even a vehicle inspection. Although many of us put it off as long as we can, or even avoid it all together. Why? Fear of bad news, fear of being judged, fear of costs, fear of change…the list goes on. But check-ups are necessary and good for us. The same holds true with your employee giving program. No better time than now to get started. Not sure where to begin?

Five Steps to Plan Your 2018 Success:

Fun Ideas for Engaging Employees and Raising Money for Charity


Planning your next big employee charitable giving campaign?  Trying to think of some fresh, new ideas for engaging employees and putting the "fun" back into fundraising? Draw some inspiration from the infographic below and use the following timetable to help plan your campaign activities:

Month Campaign Starts

Louisville-Based Texas Roadhouse Teams-up With Christian Appalachian Project to Impact Lives of Children and Families in Appalachia


Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) is a nonprofit, interdenominational organization in Appalachia committed to serving people in need through self-help human service programs. They are creating a community of care through a network of programs and services.

Tackling Poverty in Appalachia


Those living in poverty in Eastern Kentucky, and Central Appalachia generally, deal with chronic and serious challenges. Much progress has been made in tackling poverty in Appalachia over the past 50 years, but pockets of severe rural poverty remain, particularly in Eastern Kentucky. While the average poverty rate in the 54 counties of Appalachian Kentucky fell from 60% in 1960 to 26% in 2010, rates are still high compared to the national average of 16%. Rates exceed 30% in more than a dozen counties, including those served by Christian Appalachian Project’s (CAP) programs.

How Much Is Enough to Make a Difference When Donating?

The power of workplace giving

While it often feels like one individual’s actions doesn't have an impact on the big picture, the truth is that we all have the power to make a difference and influence change. In fact, the majority of giving (at least 71% of total annual donations) is from individuals.


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