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Meet One of Our Cherie Blair Foundation Programme Partners: Qualcomm

By Partnerships Team CBFW

We would like to introduce you to one of our programme partners, Qualcomm.  Their Wireless Reach™ programme broadens their impact by bringing advanced wireless technologies to underserved communities around the world, enriching people’s lives while creating new markets for their business. Wireless Reach™ invests in programmes that leverage Qualcomm’s leading-edge technologies to improve lives, transform communities, and protect the planet. Currently, there are 119 Wireless Reach™ programmes that have reached more than 17 million people in 47 countries.

Translating a Shared Passion into a Successful Business

Sandra Ramses, owner of YallaYoga, shares how her mentoring relationship through the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women with Jennifer Hurd, Bank of America Business Support Manager, was critical to the success of her business

Sandra, a woman entrepreneur who started her business, YallaYoga, in Egypt at the young age of 25, soon realized that she needed not only strategic counsel but also a sympathetic listener who understood the difficulties of founding and running a business. Through the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Mentoring Program, Sandra was paired with Jennifer Hurd, Business Support Manager at Bank of America.

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