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Sustainable Home Improvement Is Life Improvement


by Jai Thampi

Our homes are our cradles, now more than ever. With the global pandemic continuing to affect and restrict us, our homes will continue to shape our livelihoods and impact our wellbeing. But as the world changes rapidly around us, with new technologies and energy-hungry devices entering our dwellings, some questions keep us up at night: Is my home safe? Is it comfortable to live in? Why is my energy bill going up? Is my home sustainable?

Ecocentricity Blog: Not-So-Happy Reading

By: John A. Lanier

We need as many people as possible to truly understand the climate crisis and its causes in order to solve it. So I would like to challenge you to actually sit down and read what the climate scientists wrote.


We need as many people as possible to truly understand the climate crisis and its causes in order to solve it. So I would like to challenge you to actually sit down and read what the climate scientists wrote.

12 Young Circular Economy Innovators


Meet Circularity 21 Emerging Leaders, a group of 12 students and early-career professionals looking to drive the transition to a circular economy. 

When it comes to advancing a circular economy, innovators are working around the world with these three principles in mind — design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems.

The Technology Solution to the Power Grid's Battle With Climate Change

By Mike Bates | Worldwide general manager for energy, Intel Corporation

When the Texas power crisis hit in February, my family and I were among the millions of people stuck in a deadly blackout in freezing temperatures because of a massive electricity generation failure. Certain areas of the grid, like hospitals, remained illuminated to support critical infrastructure, but this also meant that nearby empty skyscrapers kept power that otherwise could have been redirected to residents in their homes and others who needed it.

My Green Lab Certification Named as Critical Indicator of Progress in the United Nations' 2030 Breakthroughs Emissions

Green Lab Certification is identified as a crucial leverage point for pharmaceutical and medical tech companies to achieve a healthier, more resilient zero carbon world.
Press Release

August 10, 2021 /3BL Media/ - The Green Lab Certification program from My Green Lab, the world’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of scientific research, has been selected as a key indicator of progress for the UNFCCC High Level Climate Champions’ 2030 Breakthroughs campaign. In the lead up to the COP26 Climate Change Conference, the Green Lab Certification program was chosen as a key player to help pharmaceutical and medical tech companies achieve the goal of a zero carbon world by 2050.

The Imagination Challenge Unites the US Water Sector Against Climate Change

Press Release

The water industry has come to reckon with climate change. According to recent studies, water-related activities may account for more than 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Water utilities also consume a major portion of electricity, as energy is needed to collect, clean and transport water.

Black & Veatch: Climate Change, COVID-19 Pandemic Underscore Water Sector's Need for Broader View of Resilience, Data Use

2021 Strategic Directions Report highlights role of digital water solutions as pandemic, climate change stress systems
Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., August 10, 2021 /3BL Media/ – The U.S. water industry is embracing innovation, sustainability and technology, including data, analytics and other “digital water” tools along with resource recovery processes. Combined, this continued progress helps to meet a host of challenges headlined by aging infrastructure, climate-related impacts and uncertainties from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a newly released report from Black & Veatch.

Putt Your Way to a More Sustainable Future

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WSP was honored to participate in design of waterfront PUTTING GREEN, an 18-hole climate change-themed mini golf course in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, now opened to the public. Each individually curated hole showcases a specific climate-related challenge and possible solutions, including WSP’s 16th hole spotlighting the importance of sustainable and equitable public transportation.

UFOs and Sustainability: What Can We Learn From the Dogged Pursuit of Disclosure?


The Twilight Zone.
In Search Of….
The X-Files.

These television shows fueled the imaginations of generations, fostering curiosity while delivering cautionary tales about how we, as residents of this celestial sphere, must tread carefully when it comes to how we treat our planet and one another.

Pursuing Purpose and Positive Change: CEO Spotlight With Özgür Tort

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In the latest episode of the CGF Podcast, host Louise Chester talks to Özgür Tort, CEO of Migros Ticaret, and outgoing co-chair of The Consumer Goods Forum’s Board of Directors. Özgür shares his insights from his time as co-chair during a time of transition to Coalitions of Action, as well as his thoughts on the big industry questions of the moment.


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