City Year & Comcast NBCUniversal: Building a Legacy of Service

by Mario Fedelin, Founder and Executive Director, Big Citizen HUB

A mayor, three physicians and public health specialists, seven school principals and educators, and 28 executive directors and nonprofit leaders. These are some of the outstanding members of a special group of 67 people working in communities nationwide to change our world for the better – and they all have three things in common.

Comcast Announces New Internet Essentials Program Milestones and Enhancements

By David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

When Comcast launched Internet Essentials six years ago, we honestly had no idea how it would be received or how many low-income Americans we could reach. No one had ever tried anything this ambitious in the broadband adoption space before. We certainly wouldn’t have predicted the program would become the nation’s largest and most comprehensive broadband adoption initiative for low-income Americans, connecting more homes than all other similar programs combined – by several orders of magnitude.

4 Million Low-Income Americans Have Crossed the Digital Divide Through Internet Essentials


The company again increases the program’s Internet speed, offers free access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, and expands low-income senior citizen pilot program.

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The company again increases the program’s Internet speed, offers free access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, and expands low-income senior citizen pilot program.

The Intern Experience: All Ideas are Welcome


Technology plays a huge role in just about every job these days, which is why Comcast NBCUniversal is committed to teaching young people about technology and helping them prepare for the brightest futures possible.

Comcast NBCUniversal Interns Make Change Happen at Food Share Program

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Comcast Cares Day takes place every April, but summer interns wanted to make change happen, too. Many of the nearly 140 interns and co-ops working in Comcast’s Philadelphia headquarters spent a recent afternoon volunteering at Share Food Program, a Philadelphia nonprofit with a mission of providing fresh produce to communities in need. The intern volunteers broke out into teams to paint the facility, plant flowers, and package food for Philadelphia residents. At the end of the day, more than 800 boxes of food were packed and ready to be distributed.

Where There’s a Way, There's a Will


It takes a special person to run toward danger when others are running away. And it takes a different set of skills entirely to help those heroes get their affairs in order.

“I can’t protect a firefighter who runs into a burning building or a police officer who is knocking on a door not knowing what’s on the other side,” Daniel McKenna says. “But, as a lawyer, I can help protect their families.”

Dalila Wilson-Scott: Leading Comcast's Civic Outreach Charge

by Ayana Jones

Dalila Wilson-Scott enjoys getting out of her corporate office and interacting with members of the community.

As the senior vice president of community investment at Comcast Corp. and president of the Comcast Foundation, Wilson-Scott leads the company’s social initiatives. In her role, she meets with various leaders in Philadelphia to learn what support Comcast can provide and often travels to NBCUniversal’s offices and studios nationwide.

Transforming the Customer Experience One Call at a Time


When an elderly customer called our Spokane, Washington, customer service center, agitated with her XFINITY remote control, the agent on the call knew just what to do.

Multiplying the Impact of Tech Entrepreneurs


Technology innovation is the fuel that moves our business forward. We also believe it has unsurpassed power to solve complex social issues and improve communities.

“Local tech innovators know — usually better than we do — what’s needed in their communities and what solutions are going to work,” says Jessica Clancy, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at NBCUniversal. “We recognize that we can make the greatest difference in these communities by helping tech entrepreneurs reach a larger audience and attract more support through our platforms.”

Bridging the Digital Divide for HUD Residents


Ismael Guerrero hears the stories every day. For the executive director of the Denver Housing Authority (DHA), it’s all part of his world.

The single mother using the free WiFi at a fast food restaurant to search for a higher-paying job. The kids who stay in the computer lab for hours after school to complete their homework. The family that shares a single smartphone.


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