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Is America Ready for Natural Disasters? Insights and Advice from Booz Allen


As summer approaches, so does the season of tornados, floods, and forest fires. People across America need to be ready for anything—but are they?

Booz Allen conducted a survey to find out how prepared Americans are for a natural disaster and how they would use technology in disaster response. Highlights follow, with tips for how government can help improve disaster response and community resilience.

People rely on technology—and need more information

Partnering for Disaster Preparedness in Chile

IBM and Johnson & Johnson Team up in Santiago to Strengthen Community Resilience

The term “natural disaster” is a misnomer. Natural ecosystems often require disturbances such as fires and floods to remain healthy. They have an inherent resilience to the occasional battering. Crises created by destructive natural events might be more aptly referred to as “social disasters,” because of the toll of life and economic damage left in their wake. Framing such events as social disasters places them in a different light, shifting the burden on all sectors of society to proactively manage the threat.

Congrats to the 2017 Best Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program Finalists!


The Best Disaster Response and Community Resilience Corporate Citizenship Award recognizes businesses and chambers that help communities prepare for and recover from disasters. Read on to learn more about the significant, positive impacts these businesses have had in communities, locally and globally.

Learn more about their programs and join us at the 2017 Corporate Citizenship Conference and Awards on November 14—15 to see who wins!

Albertsons Companies

Walmart Addresses Global Challenges Through Business and Philanthropy

Multimedia with summary

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation use philanthropy to complement Walmart’s  business initiatives as well as the efforts of others in civil society, business, and government to drive systemic improvements in economic opportunity, supply chain sustainability, and community resilience.

The problems being addressed are both large scale and complex, but Walmart believes that by working with their grantees and collaborators from the private sector, they can lead the way in driving significant, lasting change.

Congratulations to the 2014 Best Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program Finalists!


Congratulations to Best Disaster Response and Community Resilience Program Finalists, Citi Foundation, Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., and Farmers Group, for the 2014 Corporate Citizenship Awards!

TELUS Wins Canadian Health Award for Corporate Citizenship, and Santa Monica Seeks Funds to Create a Municipal Well-Being Index - Health Minute for November 19, 2012

Press Release

TELUS has won the Canadian Health Informatics Award for Corporate Citizenship. The award recognizes the leading multi-national for-profit healthcare ICT company committed to health.  TELUS investments in healthcare include Upopolis, launched in eight hospitals across Canada, with more being planned for 2013. is the only private, secure, and trusted online social network designed for kids in the hospital.

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