Michael Bloomberg: Why Invest in Sustainable Cities?

By Michael Bloomberg and Patricia de Lille

Michael Bloomberg is the former mayor of New York and founder, CEO and owner of Bloomberg L.P., a global financial data and media company. Patricia de Lille is the mayor of Cape Town, South Africa, and a member of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. The opinions expressed in this commentary belong to the authors.

The Promise of a Connected Earth


Right now, on this day, at this point in time, connections are being made like never before. From people to cities to farms to everything in between, technology weaves through our connected world to bring us closer together, make us smarter… and help us solve some of the earth’s biggest environmental challenges. 

This Earth Day we’re taking a moment to think about how all of this technology can create a better tomorrow for our planet.

New Report: Rise of the Real-Time Traveler

By: Chris Penrose and Charlene Lake

Today, AT&T and the Intelligent Transportation Society of America released a report investigating trends in mobility that are shaping the future of transportation in a more connected world.

More Connected Devices. Increased Efficiency. Fewer Resources.


Twenty-two million. That is the staggering number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are now connected by AT&T across the world. During the first quarter of this year, AT&T connected 70 percent more smart devices than the same quarter a year ago and there’s no projected slowdown. In fact, according to IDC, the market for IoT is expected to nearly triple to $1.7 trillion by 2020.

Alcatel-Lucent Foundation: ConnectEd Indonesia Employee Engagement Highlights


ConnectEd students had the opportunity to meet with high-level Alcatel-Lucent employees in Indonesia during a visit to the corporate office in Jakarta. Employees and volunteers shared their personal journeys, career goals, and professional success.

ConnectEd Success Story: Learning to Teach in Indonesia


Nana was enthusiastic, but not prepared to teach a classroom of students in Indonesia until he was trained by ConnectEd. He learned to confront everyday challenges, design and manage curricula, and lead a class. His improvements have benefited his students’ learning.

Alcatel-Lucent Foundation: ConnectEd India Employee Engagement Highlights


Girls in India face many gender barriers when pursuing a career. English classes taught by Alcatel-Lucent employee volunteers, and virtual mentorship sessions with high-level staff prepare and motivate girl students of ConnectEd to develop and achieve their career goals.

ConnectEd Success Story: Rashmi in ABHAS ConnectEd ICT lab


Despite her husband’s objections, Rashmi joined the ICT course offered with ConnectEd India. ConnectEd opens conversations among students about gender roles and helps address the technology gender gap.

Read more about how Rashmi is closing the gender gap in technology and preparing for work in Delhi.


More about ConnectEd:

Alcatel-Lucent Foundation: ConnectEd China Employee Engagement Highlights


Alcatel-Lucent employee volunteers joined migrant students at the Long Hai migrant school for a Sports Day, which created a sense of community between over one hundred parents, children, educators and volunteers.

Learn more about Sports Day with ConnectEd China.


ConnectEd Success Story: Science Life Skills


As a migrant and new to Beijing, Yi-Yu did not feel at home in her new school and was not willing to engage in lessons or make friends. ConnectEd puts a focus on the holistic education of its students, including psychosocial education, so through continued encouragement Yi-Yu was able to engage in school.


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