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Cristiano Amon at IAA Mobility 2021: How 5G Is Driving Connected Automotive Intelligence


Digital transformation is sweeping across all major industries and markets, including automotive and transportation.

The car is evolving, driven by an immense demand for efficiency, safety, new experiences, and services powered by greater intelligence and connectivity. Digital platforms are moving us into a new era of connected transportation, and Qualcomm Technologies’ breakthrough inventions are helping transform vehicles as we know them.

Connected Cars and Solar Assisted Bikes

Green Builder Media's April 16, 2015 Vantage Enewsletter

Drought Dilemma Challenges Unlimited Growth When it comes to water, California is running out of options—and time. Suffering through its fourth year of excruciating drought...the state’s snow pack is at an all-time low...Governor Brown has issued unprecedented water restrictions...surface and ground water is quickly drying up...crop and pasture losses are escalating.

A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future

By: Tim Fleming

Let’s be honest. Annual reports don’t always make for the most entertaining reads, but I am genuinely excited about some of the stories in the AT&T 2014 Annual Report. Why? Because they demonstrate a dramatic shift in technology that is delivering real social and environmental benefits today and holds great promise for a more sustainable future. For example:

Truly Smart Cars are Still a Thing of the Future

by Matt Baume

When you listen to "Marketplace" in your car, your car might be listening back.

Over the past few years, cars have started turning into rolling data centers, loaded with sensors and databases full of insights about us, their human operators. Clever cars make life more convenient and open up new opportunities for businesses, but there's also a downside: Security holes could allow nefarious parties to rummage around in your car's brain or even hijack the wheel.

Why SAP Sees an Open Road for 'Connected Cars'


Editor's note: Connected cars will be part of the sustainable mobility track at VERGE SF 2014.

The notion of an Internet of Cars may seem fanciful or futuristic, but it is gaining traction and speed at a surprising rate. And as vehicles of all types become connected — not just to drivers or other vehicles on the road, but to everything from parking spaces to pizza joints — the promise of social and environmental benefits lie not far down the road.

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