AECOM's Commitment to Ethics Recognized by Ethisphere Institute


The Ethisphere Institute and AECOM co-hosted the second annual “Best Practices in Ethics Communications Workshop” at the iconic New York Stock Exchange, New York, United States.

AECOM Young Engineers Volunteer in India — Emotional Connections, Unforgettable Experiences


"His name is Sunil, 34 years old and originally from the rural Andhra Prakesh region east of Bangalore, [India,]" writes Chris Austin-Berry, project manager based in AECOM’s Christchurch, New Zealand, office. "Born to farming parents, he moved to the city with his wife and children in search of better working opportunities, a common story among slum residents.

Planning for a Cleaner, Greener Long Island (Part 1 of 3)

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Home to more than 2.8 million residents, Long Island, New York, is one of the most densely populated regions in the United States. As a prime example of partnering across the public and private sectors, AECOM was the lead consultant to the consortium of Long Island counties, towns and organizations that helped develop the Cleaner Greener Long Island Regional Sustainability plan.

In addition to helping the consortium quantify strategies and test results in advance for better decision-making, AECOM provided technical experience using the company’s climate action planning toolkit.

AECOM Leads Resilient Cities Activities for U.N. R!SE Initiative Launch

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LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2014 /3BL Media/ — AECOM Technology Corporation, the world’s #1-ranked engineering design firm, announced today that it led the resilient cities activity stream during the launch of the United Nations’ Disaster Risk-Sensitive Investments, or “R!SE”, Initiative.

Sustainability at AECOM: Keeping our People Safe

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AECOM strives to be a good corporate citizen by ensuring that its facilities and operations do not pose unreasonable safety or environmental risks. The company recently implemented its "Safety for Life" program coupled with nine “Life-Preserving Principles” that reinforce the importance of safety, health and the environment to both employees and partners.

Sustainability at AECOM: Engaging our Stakeholders


AECOM, as well as its partners, considers a robust sustainability strategy focused on effective stakeholder engagement to be a fundamental element of the company’s long-term business success.

This is why the firm continuously evaluates its sustainability framework via interviews, workshops, surveys and public participation meetings to ensure that its projects, as well as its economic, social and environmental efforts best serve its direct and indirect stakeholders.

Ability to Create Sustainable, Economically Viable Outcomes Stems from Humility

By: Gary Lawrence, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at AECOM

According to AECOM Chief Sustainability Officer Gary Lawrence, the unfortunate passing of Maya Angelou, the United Nations Economic and Social Council's meeting on sustainable urbanization, and the first conference on inclusive capitalism all share a common thread — revealing the world's pressing need for humility.

AECOM Young Engineers Volunteer in India — Flames for Your Chai


"Approximately 1 in 6 city dwellers living in slums across India lacks adequate (or, in some cases, any) access to education, health care, financial stability and products that can mitigate some of the risks associated with slum living," said Rosanna Sanderson, an environmental engineer based in AECOM's Brisbane, Australia, office.

A Quick Snapshot of AECOM's Sustainability Initiatives


Want a quick snapshot of AECOM's sustainability initiatives during fiscal year 2013?

Check out the executive summary of the company's recently released 2013 global sustainability report titled "Managing complexity, building better lives."

Have more time? Learn more about AECOM's sustainability initiatives in the full version of the report.


Exploring AECOM’s Sustainability Reporting Goals

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Featured in AECOM's third sustainability report, Gary Lawrence, AECOM's chief sustainability officer, discusses the company's ultimate goal to become the best in its industry to deliver sustainable outcomes to clients around the globe.

Learn more about AECOM's progress and long-term goals in the company's 2013 global sustainability report titled "Managing complexity, building better lives."



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