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How Can We Get the ‘Buy-In’ Required from Investors to Make the SDGs Work?

by Tim Mohin

Originally published by ESG Magazine

In September 2015, all 193 Member States of the United Nations set a very ambitious and necessary agenda for achieving a better future for us all by adopting a set of 17 global goals: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs aim to end poverty and hunger, fight inequalities and injustice, and protect our planet.

And, if we want to realize these goals, it’s essential that we get “buy in” from investors around the world.

When the Message Doesn’t Land

By Jeffrey Whitford

I recently had a moment that perplexed me. I was talking to some colleagues, and they asked me what we were doing. In this case, that “we” was our Corporate Responsibility department at MilliporeSigma, and that question was essentially asking about our strategy. After hearing this, I had an initial moment of frustration. How could they not get what we were trying to do? Wasn’t it crystal clear? Didn’t we literally spell it out? I had a one-page document on our method that my team and I spent a lot of time drafting, refining and refining some more.

Watch: Healthcare Access Pioneer Doc Mae on Making a Difference for Children with Cancer

New short film by Sandoz, a Novartis Division, celebrates the work of Dr. “Doc” Mae Dolendo, a Pediatric Oncologist in the Philippines who has dedicated her life to treating children with cancer and finding ways to overcome healthcare access challenges
Multimedia with summary

Dr. “Doc” Mae Dolendo is a Pediatric Oncologist at the Southern Philippines Medical Center. She has dedicated her life to treating children with cancer and finding new ways to overcome the healthcare access challenges children, families and healthcare professionals face on the island of Mindanao. Doc Mae’s work is supported by World Child Cancer and Sandoz. Sandoz is proud to support healthcare access pioneers like Doc Mae.

Partner Spotlight: MilliporeSigma and Biopharma Recycling

by Mike Farrell

Here at Triumvirate Environmental, we work with our partners in environmental, health, and safety to promote environmental protection and sustainable development. Today, we would like to focus on one of our life sciences partners who has gone above and beyond to put a focus on corporate responsibility and recycling, MilliporeSigma. Read below to learn all about MilliporeSigma, single-use technologies, and their role in biopharma recycling.

3 Business Benefits of an Employee Giving Program

How to attract, retain and engage an emerging workforce that’s hungry to do good

A guest post on the Benevity Blog - by Sydney Frazer, Partnerships Manager at Glassdoor

How Are You Thinking About Impact?

By Jeffrey Whitford

Maybe I’m being too idealistic—after all, it’s just a paycheck, right? But because of who I am, that’s not how I think about the 40 (who am I kidding, it’s way more than 40) hours that I spend working each week. And what do I work for? To make an impact—one that’s greater than anything I could accomplish as an individual. I start with me, then my team, then how an organization with 19,000 individuals—who are working with more than 1 million customers all around the world to solve some of the toughest problems—how can you not think about impact?

Hands-on Science Ignites Passion in Young Minds

by Victoria L. May, Washington University in St. Louis

There is a growing need for interdisciplinary approaches to address many of the modern challenges to advancing research, innovation and technological development. This creates a call for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education—not just in our classrooms, but also in our economic potential. As careers in STEM grow, we recognize the importance of equipping students with the 21st century skills necessary for them to thrive.

Partnerships Drive Progress Toward a Trachoma-Free World

Multimedia with summary

Pfizer and its incredible network of partners dedicated to the fight against trachoma recently came together at the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) Summit 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the 

Statement from GRI on the Passing of Ernst Ligteringen

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing of Ernst Ligteringen in London, UK, this week. Ernst joined GRI in 2002, and transitioned it from a project that was started under CERES, in Boston, US,  into an independent international organization with a solid independent governance structure and system.

Can Corporate Reporting Help End Poverty?


Companies impact poverty, and poverty, in turn, impacts them. Businesses, therefore, have an important role to play in eradicating poverty and supporting sustainable development. The benefit is mutual – stronger economies and stable societies create vast opportunities for growth in new markets. 


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