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Social Responsibility in a Time of Change

Executive Director’s report

Many companies are dedicated to social responsibility—they have social responsibility programs, advertise and market their efforts, form task forces and working groups and reach out to the local and global communities to “do good” in their respective areas. But like those wooden labyrinth ball games, moving the levers to adjust the board and getting the silver ball through the end of the maze, the path to “social responsibility” is not a direct one, and it’s one that is navigated in an environment that is constantly shifting.

Places to Be: The Most Sustainable Corporate Hospitality Chains Around the World


By the Editors

CR professionals know that every venue they utilize should meet certain sustainable standards. To help companies with future event planning, CR Magazine has compiled a list of the most sustainable corporate hospitality chains, ensuring that the facility chosen is dedicated to corporate responsibility. The following corporate chains were researched by the editorial staff and are in unranked alphabetical order.

Seeing the World from the Eyes of Your Supplier

Engage vs. Demand

By Jennifer Anderson

Supply chains are a critical element of sustainability success for most companies. Yet working on supply chain sustainability is a challenging task. It’s hard enough to get people in your own company to change their behavior, but influencing the actions of those in another company—even as a large customer—can seem nearly impossible.

When Disaster Strikes

8 questions leaders should ask before, during and after

By Kathleen Lowenthal

When a disaster strikes, people want to respond. They expect governments to provide immediate assistance, and individually they look for ways to help. Corporations also want to respond and assist, but leaders are faced with a mixed set of decision-making circumstances.

The ESG Factor

How non-financial performance reporting can build investor confidence

By John DeRose

In the last three years, there has been an expanding role of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in the decision-making of investors worldwide, according to Ernst & Young’s third Tomorrow’s Investment rules survey. At the crux of this year’s discussion was a simple question: “Is investor appetite for more integrated, predictable and strategic ESG disclosure being met by businesses?”

Walking the Tight Rope

The CSR case for asking about non-profit risk management

By Ted Bilich

Non-profits often don’t have processes for inquiring about the risks they face, prioritizing those risks, and how to responding to them. For most, risk management begins and ends with insurance, their only safety net.

Well Dressed

The founder of Ramblers Way discusses whether our clothing defines our values or if our values should define our clothing

By the Editors

There are 80 billion pieces of clothing purchased worldwide each year but rarely do consumers consider the true cost of this. From negative environmental impacts to poor factory labor practices in the developing world and growing landfills containing discarded textiles, the fast fashion industry is in need of a serious makeover.

Showing Up Matters

The C-suite at leading companies commit to lobbying on important issues

By the Editors

Job descriptions for corporate responsibility practitioners commonly include references to supply chain, community engagement and sustainability reporting.

Add lobbying to the list.

“We have our story to tell and no one can tell that story except for us,” Rachelle Reyes Wenger, Dignity Health director of public policy and community advocacy, says of the sharp uptick in lobbying lawmakers around the Affordable Care Act.  “They don’t know. It’s our job to help them understand why it matters to us.”

The 2017 Most Responsible Companies Ranked by Industry Sector – Energy

The top corporations dedicated to sustainability in the energy category

CR Magazine has put together its annual set of the “2017 Most Responsible Companies Ranked by Industry Sector” list. This list serves to help readers establish that their supply chain is comprised of the most responsible, sustainable, and transparent companies—creating shared value when strategic opportunities arise. In past years, this ranked list includes the top 12 companies in all 11 industry categories. This year, we are going to break down the list to feature one industry sector per magazine, to bring more attention to the category as a whole.

First 100 Days in Office

A CR leader under fire and the alphabet soup of standards organizations

By the Editors

He’s the new chief executive and his 100-day anniversary was fast approaching.

Many miles from the familiar trappings of his hometown, he has uprooted his family and inherited all the successes—as well as the baggage—of preceding administrations. Yet despite having more power and influence than other world leaders, critics abound.

No, this is not a story about the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rather, the man experiencing a tumultuous honeymoon as CEO of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is Tim Mohin.


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