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Saatchi & Saatchi S CEO Annie Longsworth's From Greenmuting to Greenwashing

The hidden opportunities of sustainability communications

We all know about greenwashing, but what’s greenmuting and why does it matter? In this presentation Saatchi & Saatchi S CEO Annie Longsworth will discuss the reasons that communication should be an integrated part of every sustainability strategy. She will explore the brand risks, as well as the missed opportunity for innovation and leadership, associated with greenmuting.

Discuss the Most Relevant Issues in CR at the COMMIT!Forum and Let Your Voice Be Heard.


The COMMIT!Forum Issue Tables provide a relaxed setting for attendees to share their knowledge and insights on the most relevant corporate responsibility issues. 

As an attendee, you can attend this unique, intimate setting to discuss, debate, and share knowledge on the below issues. Each table will be chaired by an issue expert who will help guide and facilitate the conversation.

Issue Tables Include:

Data Security Panel: The Ultimate Act of Trust at this Year's COMMIT!Forum


Don't miss "The Ultimate Act of Trust" Data-Security Panel at this year's COMMIT!Forum

Target's recent data breach affected some 40 million customers with their private data being circulated and sold online in underground black markets. Corporations should recognize that while there will never be a perfect defense against data breaches, there are steps they can take to protect their customers, their proprietary information, and their company’s reputation from the inevitable cyber-attack.

Social Impact Partnerships: A New Model for Funding Social Change


Partners in a first-of-its-kind, pay-for-success program will discuss a new, scalable, replicable model for financing social change. On the heels of introducing a social impact partnership to reduce recidivism and increase employment in New York State, the panel will discuss the new model for social impact partnerships as an example of how public, private and nonprofit sectors can work together to achieve positive social outcomes.

This can’t miss session at the COMMIT!Forum will discuss a new model for funding social change.  

Don’t Miss the “Ratings, Rankings and the Perpetuation of Survey Fatigue” Session at This Year’s COMMIT!Forum!


For more than a decade, there have been complaints about the endless streams of sustainability related questionnaires that land inside corporations. In the past, complaints primarily came from publicly traded companies, as investment related sustainability indices became the trend.

Don't Miss MGM OPOLY at the COMMIT!Forum!

Join us for a fun filled night of games, food, drink and entertainment!

Join us for a fun filled night of games, food, drink and entertainment!
Hosted by: MGM Resorts International


CR Magazine Announces Responsible CEO of Year Award and Lifetime Achievement Award Finalists

Press Release

Philadelphia, PA, September 4, 2014 /3BL Media/ — Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine announced today the finalists for both the seventh annual Responsible CEO of the Year Awards and the fourth annual Lifetime Achievement Award. These awards will be presented to CEOs that visibly exceed standards in the areas of employee relations, environmental impact and sustainability, human rights, philanthropy, and corporate responsibility practices.

The finalists of the 2014 Responsible CEO of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards are:

The Impacts of Corporate Reputation on Talent Acquisition and Retention


The Impacts of Corporate Reputation on Talent Acquisition and Retention

Presented by: Alexander Mann Solutions
CR Magazine has partnered with Alexander Mann Solutions to ask working-age Americans, employed and unemployed, how corporate reputation and transparency affects their decisions to accept a new job or remain where they are.   

Partnering to Prepare for a STEM Economy

A New Model for Collaboration

Workforce development is one of the key concerns of today’s corporations, especially for those in STEM based industries. As the US continues to lag behind its developed world peer group in math and science test scores as cited by the Wall Street Journal. The United States ranked #31 in math and #24 in science according to 2013 PISA test results. The challenge of filling a talent pipeline that requires more technical knowledge and agility is becoming a daunting task.

This can’t miss session at the COMMIT!Forum will discuss what 12 of St. Louis' largest STEM based companies did to:

COMMIT!Forum: The True Power of Diversity


Beyond Optics - The True Power of Diversity to Unleash Innovation and Drive Success 

People of color make up 36 percent of the American workforce, but hold just 13 percent of board seats on the Fortune 500. Women make up nearly half of the workforce, but hold less than 17 percent of the seats on Fortune 500 boards. These are dangerous statistics that put companies at risk, whereas they could benefit from embracing diversity.


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