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Gender Budgeting: A New Approach to Financial Equality - The Minute

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There’s a new term for a radical but common sense approach to economic policy: gender budgeting. It’s a technique in which governments analyze fiscal policy by noting different effects on men and women, according to a recent article in The Economist.

Healthcare Organizations Address C-Suite Gender Gap - The Minute

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While the Affordable Care Act hogs the healthcare news headlines, another issue is quietly getting some attention: the industry’s C-suite gender gap. Although women hold seventy-five percent of all healthcare jobs, they are just twenty-six percent of hospital CEO positions. At Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, the numbers are equally low: women make up just twenty-one percent of executive roles and twenty-one percent of board members.

Big Food Companies Invest in Small Startups to Meet Consumer Demand - The Minute

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The change in consumer tastes toward food that is fresher, more natural, and healthier is causing big food companies to place bets on small food companies to help change their traditional product lines. Kellogg’s and General Mills are among the companies that have launched venture capital funds to invest in startups that are contributing new products, recipe ideas, and marketing innovations to their ranges. Campbell Soup and Tyson Foods have dedicated $125 million and $150 million, respectively, to their in-house venture funds, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Republican Governors Lead in Clean Energy Policy - The Minute

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There’s an unexpected fact in today’s topsy turvy politics: Republican governors are taking the lead in clean energy. A post on The Hill website notes that two former governors who are now cabinet members set the pattern: Rick Perry, the new Secretary of Energy, supported market-based, renewable energy technology that made Texas the national leader in wind energy. And South Carolina’s, Nikki Haley, now UN Ambassador, was an advocate of solar energy development and of regulatory reform to create an advanced energy economy.

Businesses Protest Against Immigration Order, Part II - The Minute

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The administration’s order that halts travel into the US from some predominantly Muslim countries continues to drive business to protest. Nearly 100 tech companies have filed a friend-of-court brief in a federal appeals court, arguing that the ban hurts their businesses. Big brands among the signees include Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, Intel, eBay, Netflix, and Snapchat. Others who signed include Levi Strauss and Chobani.

Renewable Energy Continues to Grow Under New Administration - The Minute

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With headline-grabbing news about pipeline approvals, reversals of climate change policies, and the nomination of a Secretary of Energy who originally wanted to abolish that department, it’s important to remember that plans for a renewable energy future continue to be made.

New Partnership Formed to Transform Global Food Systems - The Minute

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More than two dozen global companies have announced a new partnership to make change in global food systems. The new association is called FreSH: the Food Reform for Sustainability and Health program. Its mission is to be “a platform for the private sector to achieve this transformation in a safe and pre-competitive space.”

Wages and Benefits on the Rise in Food Industry - The Minute

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Headhunters are offering higher pay, more weeks of vacation and more paid days off, and bonuses to prospective employees. That’s not unusual. What’s different is to whom the recruiters are making these offers: fast food workers. Today’s tight job market has resulted in better benefits for food service workers, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

At the end of last year, the US unemployment rate reached a nine-year low of 4.7%, resulting in a record 113% annual turnover for restaurant workers as they moved around to take advantage of competitive employment terms.

The Business Case for Profit with Purpose - The Minute

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“Purpose is more than a cause, it’s a way of operating your business.” So claims Dan Pontefract in a recent Forbes blog. In fact, says Pontefract, “purpose ought to be the reason a business is in business.” He cites Unilever and Salesforce as companies that have embedded purpose into their strategies and practices—and profited while doing so.

Las Vegas Chooses Renewable Energy - The Minute

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A short list of US cities rely on renewable energy: Aspen, Burlington, and Greensburg, KS. Now an unexpected name can be added to this select group: Las Vegas. The city reports that all municipal buildings and facilities will be powered by renewable energy.


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