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How to Improve Your CSR Score – New e-Book Series


CSRHub is pleased to announce a new initiative with our long-time friends, Triple Pundit, a global media platform covering the intersection of people, planet and profit. CSRHub is publishing the first e-Book in a new e-Book series, How to Improve Your CSR Score, sponsored by Triple Pundit.

Would I Still Love Football If They Didn’t Keep Score?

(And Can I Really Care About CSR If I Don’t Know The Score?)

By Steve Zuhl

In the spirit of full candor I must admit that I have cared more, for longer about football (FB) than my more recent interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR).  I also confess that a part of my being exalts in a win, or suffers from that special hell that comes front and center with a loss, after a big game for a favorite team.  Regardless of what occurs during the three hours of the game, the bottom line story of the scoreboard renders all else meaningless in comparison.

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