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Cummins Grants $3M to Address Water Sustainability in the U.S.


On the heels of celebrating World Water Day, Cummins Inc. announced a $3,000,000 three-year grant to The Nature Conservancy to restore water resources in the Mississippi River Basin (U.S.).

Cummins Is Repowering KLW Locomotives Across the U.S. To Help the Company Meet Sustainability Commitments


The images of powerful trains chugging down a railroad track pushing black smoke into the air is nostalgic, but is literally killing the environment. Today, Cummins Inc. is making engines to power locomotives, yet reduce the impact on the environment. 

Cummins and Knoxville Locomotive Works, (KLW) announced the next step in Tier 4 locomotive repower programs. KLW recently completed the remanufacture of an existing line-haul freight locomotive utilizing the Cummins 4,400 horsepower Tier 4 certified QSK95 engine system. 

Celebrating Women's History Month and the Exponential Growth of Cummins Powers Women


Cummins Inc. has been taking action for gender equality for years. Internally, the company continues working to improve the representation of women at all levels of the company; and is extending that same drive and focus to girls and women in Cummins communities through the global program, Cummins Powers Women.

Cummins Has Big Plans to Let the Sunshine In


After a record year for solar projects at Cummins Inc. in 2021, this year promises to be almost as busy as the company continues adding renewable, low-carbon solar power to its energy mix for plants and facilities.

“Solar is going to play a major role in meeting our PLANET 2050 environmental goals,” said Mark Dhennin, Director of Energy and Environment for Cummins’ Facilities and Operations. “There have been significant technical improvements and price reductions that make it increasingly attractive as a low-carbon energy source.”

Cummins' Technology to Be Part of First of Its Kind Hydrogen Plant in Florida


Global power leader Cummins Inc. will supply a 25-megawatt (MW) electrolyzer system for Florida’s first of its kind “green” hydrogen plant, which could lay the groundwork for a 100% carbon-free energy future. 

Over $2.5M Has Been Committed to Strengthen Black Businesses and Communities in Indianapolis and Charleston, South Carolina Through CARE


In October 2020, Cummins Inc. launched Cummins Advocating for Racial Equity (CARE) to take a leading role in the work to dismantle systemic discrimination against the Black community in the U.S.​

Through CARE, Cummins is taking decisive action to address and spearhead change throughout targeted CARE communities in the U.S., across four impact areas:

Global Power Leader Cummins Sees Growth Opportunities in Decarbonization


At a meeting this week with analysts and shareholders, the leadership team at Cummins Inc. said decarbonization is a growth opportunity for the company.

The team said the global power leader is well positioned as one of the few companies capable of providing integrated solutions across a range of combustion and electrified powertrains, so customers can choose what works best for them.

Cummins Announces New Engine Design to Better Enable Low-Carbon Fuels


Global power leader Cummins Inc. is developing the industry’s first unified, fuel-agnostic engines, using engine blocks and core components sharing common architectures that can be optimized for different low-carbon fuel types.

New Video Explains Key Role Fuel Cells Could Play in Decarbonization

Multimedia with summary

Hydrogen fuel cells could play a critical role in decarbonizing the global freight and transportation network. A new video from global power leader Cummins Inc. explains why.

Cummins Inc. Leader Sees Promise for No-Carbon, Hydrogen-Fueled Internal Combustion Engines


The President of Cummins Inc.’s Engine business segment says hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines (ICEs) hold tremendous potential in the effort to address the world’s climate challenges.


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