How Sappi Connects with Its Customers

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Sappi understands the importance of creating innovative solutions that meet evolving customer needs. Our future success depends on listening to, communicating with and responding to our customers. From award-winning product development to stunning promotional campaign materials and a groundbreaking retrospective collection, Sappi stands apart.

Customer collaboration is key to future growth

CLP Creates Value for Stakeholders

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At the heart of the CLP Group's success in the Asia Pacific power sector is its value creation process, which draws on various inputs and through its business activities converts them to outputs that create positive value for its stakeholders.

National Grid in Massachusetts Named a Most Energy Efficient Utility in U.S

The Company Credits Customers for the Achievement
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Waltham, Mass., June 14, 2017 /3BL Media/ — National Grid, a major energy delivery company that provides service to more than 1.3 million electricity customers in Massachusetts, was today named one of the most energy efficient utilities in America by The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

Scotiabank Impact Story: Responding to the Customer’s Voice in Peru


Read Scotiabank’s 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report ​

Digital tools are revolutionizing the way we bank. Computers, mobile phones and networks of ABMs have made it easier than ever for customers anywhere, anytime, to effectively manage their finances.

However, Scotiabank’s digital transformation goes far beyond mobile financial tools or a streamlined user experience.

Improved relationships through digital tools

The Evolution of Retail Banking


“We will only be successful if customers are at the heart of our business,” says Steven Cooper, CEO for Personal Banking at Barclays, whose team oversee the accounts of 17 million people.

That may sound at first like a simple goal for a long-established banking institution, but at a time when the lightning-fast advance of technology is altering our everyday lives – and our expectations of customer service in every sphere – it is in fact a highly complex, and multi-faceted challenge.

Investing in Community – Virtual, and Home

By: Becky Woodworth, Social Media Senior Strategy Manager

Community is important to me – my neighbors in San Antonio, my colleagues at AT&T and the virtual community of AT&T customers with which I work – the AT&T Community Forums.

The AT&T Community Forums are a place where our customers answer their fellow customers’ product and service questions. They weigh in on everything from, “how much data have I used?” to “how do I sync my contacts?” Their easy-to-understand answers are searchable online, helping potentially thousands of customers.

How We Bring Quality and Peace of Mind to All Customers


Sharing our sustainability performance with our customers is an integral element of our brand promise. Buyers want to know that they are working with reputable suppliers, eliminating risk from their supply chain. In addition to quality products and services, we are delivering peace of mind to pulp and paper buyers. The Sustainability Customer Council has been a longstanding branch of our sustainability governance. We have relied on the candid feedback of our Council to help us develop our goals, identify emerging issues and shape our communication platform.

Sappi’s Key Performance Indicators: Driving Social Responsibility

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Sappi takes a very active approach to social responsibility, driving key initiatives in support of our three key stakeholder groups: employees, customers and the local communities in which we operate. In addition to providing skilled jobs and continued job training, we improve the lives of people by promoting freedom of association, nondiscrimination and the abolition of forced and child labor. We also uphold the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sappi Limited has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since 2008.

JetBlue Crewmember Resource Groups Embrace and Encourage Different Perspectives

From the 2015 JetBlue Responsibility Report
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JetBlue customers come from different backgrounds and life experiences. A diverse workforce helps us to better understand and respond to their needs. In 2015, we reaffirmed our commitment to recognize the many aspects of diversity at JetBlue. We held activities throughout the year including our annual Respectful Workplace Week, diversity trainings for JetBlue leadership and celebration of traditional heritage and awareness months.

Connecting Crewmembers


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