Easing Military Deployments with Technology & Volunteerism

by Brad Johnson, Sr. Dir. Dell EMC Support and Deploy Services

Military deployments are hard.

Soldiers, sailors and airmen routinely leave on deployments in support of tough and often dangerous missions around the globe. No one questions the impact on the military member, but months away from home significantly impacts the families left behind, especially small children.

Jens’s Story​: ​The Power of Precision Medicine, Personalized Care & A Brave Kid

by Heather Wilson

Jens Hildreth is a fun-loving 8-year-old. He smiles a lot. He is on the move – a lot.  And he asks questions – a lot! Sam, when is the kid’s library open? Hey Bill, when is your partner coming to the security desk? Jens seems to know everyone at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital (HDVCH) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One Employee’s Unique Approach to Doing Good – With a Camera, a Tail, & a Flex-Work Culture

by Jenn Koiter

It started with a dare and a tiger suit.

When Just Kusko was preparing to travel overseas for work as a marketing manager at Dell, her father made her a bet: she wouldn’t be brave enough, or crazy enough, to wear her tiger costume there – and snap a picture with a bobby (one of London’s iconic police officers).

The Power of Precision Medicine, Personalized Care & A Brave Kid: Beorn’s Story

by Heather Wilson

Stephanie Rankin remembers the doctor appointment like it was yesterday: Her son, Beorn, was five months old. She was worried. His eyes didn’t seem to track things like they should. The doctor saw the same – but said the baby’s eyes seemed fine. He was more concerned about the baby’s brain.

Rankin never imagined she’d leave that office with an urgent need to see a neurologist – the start to a long journey that would eventually lead to Beorn’s rare disease diagnosis: a DNM1 gene mutation.

Austin Argonauts Study Climate Change in the Field as Citizen Scientists

by Heather Wilson

Sixth-grade teacher Megan McDonald and 14-year-old student Matthew are all about bug counting.

They can tell you all about why soapy water is best for collecting bugs in a cup – and how to use a microscope and a dichotomous key to identify each of the insects in your sample.

If you’re into looking at bugs – McDonald and Matt are your people.

An Entrepreneurial Model to Protect America's Private Forests

by The Conservation Fund for Social ImpactVoice

There is a frequently-held misconception in our society that protecting the environment and having a robust, growing economy are fundamentally at odds with one another. Nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by the role that responsibly managed forests play in sustaining local economies, protecting our climate and serving as a source of forest-based products like paper, packaging and timber for construction.

Cultivating a Global Inclusive Culture, with Pride

How Dell’s LGBT employee resource group, Pride, is making inroads, opening dialogue

Human resources professional Nikki Gibson feels comfortable – and proud – about placing a picture of her family on her work desk.

On the surface, that may seem part of everyday work life for any professional. But as Nikki will tell you, it’s not.

While she feels good about bringing her full self to work – many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community around the world feel unable to open up about who they are, do not have equal rights and are not free to express themselves.

How Dell Is Addressing Responsible Mineral Sourcing

by Jennifer Allison, Vice President, Supply Chain Sustainability

If you’re a frequent Direct2Dell reader, you’ve likely heard about Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good Plan and our mission to use our technology and expertise to improve our communities and planet.  You’ve maybe even read about our recycled carbon fiber initiative or our new program to intercept ocean-bound plastics for use in our packaging.

How Dell Is Considering the Use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Framework to Move Business Forward

by Alyssa Caddle, Social Strategy Lead, Corporate Responsibility

One of the perks of working in corporate responsibility is getting to think about how really big problems that seem far out on the horizon can be impacted by businesses today. As exciting as it can be to think about our role, it can also seem quite daunting.

One Way Dell is Helping to Save the Monarchs

by Stephen Roberts, Sustainability Strategist

It’s a lazy September afternoon in Central Texas and I’m working from my deck (thank you for the flexibility, Dell!) as I see a giant yellow swallowtail flutter by. They are one of my favorites, but the time is quickly approaching for the arrival of the true kings and queens: the Monarchs.


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