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Pro Bono Perspectives S2E4: Jeff Senne, PwC

Make Equity a Business Priority
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PwC has been recognized time and again for its responsible business practices and its organizational culture. In this week's episode of Pro Bono Perspectives, Host and Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly interviews PwC Responsible Business Leader Jeff Senne, a key leader in PwC’s shift from corporate responsibility to responsible business leadership. Jeff speaks to PwC’s business imperative to create a more equitable society, which he pursues through the lens of digital inclusion.

Digitally Forgotten: Why Digital Inclusion Matters For Your Organization

by Michael Fieldhouse

Editor's Note: Stuart Meadley and Alex Stock contributed to this report. This article series is sponsored by DXC Technology and produced by the TriplePundit editorial team.

Our society and economy are built on connections and relationships. Digital technology provides the possibility of a truly inclusive society, supporting the greatest number of participants, with services and quality of life never before possible.

HP Rolls Out Digital Inclusion and Learning Labs in India

HP World on Wheels expected to bring access to IT and quality education to 6,400 Indian villages.

With so many science and engineering professionals emerging from India, it’s easy to forget that much of the country is trying to bring quality education to millions of students in rural areas.

Supporting the UK to Be One of the Most Digitally Savvy Nations on Earth


The digital revolution signals an era of huge opportunity. It is already affecting us all – changing the ways in which we interact as individuals and societies. It is providing us with more opportunities and greater choice but it is also disruptive and is changing the ways we live our lives. To truly benefit – it also requires us to develop new skills and confidence constantly.

New Capital One and Points of Light Partnership Creates Opportunities in the Digital Economy

The Points of Light Civic Accelerator Seeks to Scale the Most Innovative and Promising Social Ventures Addressing Digital and Financial Inclusion Through Its Spring 2016 Program
Press Release

ATLANTA, Jan. 20, 2016 /3BL Media/  The Points of Light Civic Accelerator, the first national accelerator program and investment fund in the country focused on "civic ventures,” has launched an application to call for innovative, early-stage social ventures with business models that focus on digital and financial inclusion to help more people succeed in the digital economy.

Alcatel-Lucent Foundation: ConnectEd India Employee Engagement Highlights


Girls in India face many gender barriers when pursuing a career. English classes taught by Alcatel-Lucent employee volunteers, and virtual mentorship sessions with high-level staff prepare and motivate girl students of ConnectEd to develop and achieve their career goals.

ConnectEd Success Story: Rashmi in ABHAS ConnectEd ICT lab


Despite her husband’s objections, Rashmi joined the ICT course offered with ConnectEd India. ConnectEd opens conversations among students about gender roles and helps address the technology gender gap.

Read more about how Rashmi is closing the gender gap in technology and preparing for work in Delhi.


More about ConnectEd:

Alcatel-Lucent Blog: The Digital Reservation


As an engineer working for a global communications networking company, I cannot overstate the value of having a good education.  My teenage son, however, is more amazed by the fact that I was schooled during the “B.C. era” -- before computers. Looking back on my years in high school, it’s hard to imagine how I excelled without a PC, let alone Internet access. Back then of course, we didn’t know what we were missing.  Now we do.

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