Is That A Doctor In Your Pocket?

By: Gabe Brambila

“Daddy, I don’t feel well.”

Few things strike at a parent’s heart more than those five words. Even worse when uttered in the middle of the night, as my daughter did last week. She had a low-grade fever and her pediatrician’s office was closed, though it wasn’t quite serious enough to go to the ER. Still wanting medical consultation, we drove to an after-hours clinic where a doctor could see her.

The Results of Fun Student Contest: Innovative Solutions


by Rose Kirk

Is it possible for 13-year olds to create an app that the medical profession finds useful?  Of course it is!  In the era of college-age students creating companies worth billions (think Facebook) and simple online games like Angry Birds becoming global entertainment--all things are possible.

Hungry Middle Schoolers Create Prize-Winning Allergy App


By Betsy Klein

When 13-year-old Samantha Hinton is unsure of the ingredients in a snack, she just doesn’t eat it.

That’s because Samantha is among the growing population of food allergy sufferers in the United States, and she fears a bite containing peanuts could kill her.

“I know it’s deadly,” she told ABC News. “And the side effects are just too scary.”


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